The Voice Teens Philippines Grand Finale: Lea Salonga and Mica

Watch how Coach Lea Salonga and her finalist Mica Becerro perform 'The Prayer' on...

by Jessie Mendoza

The Voice Teens Philippines Grand Finale started yesterday, July 29.

The Voice Teens Philippines Grand Finale with Coach Lea Salonga and Mica Becerro singing The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli
Image Credit: The Voice Teens Philippines

The final 4 contestants performed a song with their coaches before proceeding to their respective solo performances.

Coach Lea Salonga and her Grand Finale contestant, Mica Becerro, sang “The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.

Their voices blended so well, and they gave a wonderful performance. The rest of The Voice Teens coaches, as well as the live audience, were seemingly mesmerized by their rendition of the song from the movie, “Quest for Camelot”.

Coach Lea’s years of experience in theatrical performances here and abroad showed in her elegant delivery of the song.

Mica, on the other hand, has blossomed under Coach Lea’s mentorship. At such a young age, her commitment to her craft showed through her performance. What this young lady can achieve in her field is something worth watching out for.

Asked what her reaction was, Coach Sarah Geronimo said the performance almost brought her to tears. She added that Coach Lea was “perfect, as always” and Mica was really the best person to represent Team Lea.

Coach Bamboo Mañalac described the performance as beautiful and noted how Lea and Mica complemented each other.

Coach Sharon Cuneta said she would have wanted to join them to make it a trio, as a “third” voice. And that she would have agreed to be a back up, or back “down” singer for Coach Lea and Mica.

She also stated that Mica sang “The Prayer” beautifully and that the combination of Lea and Mica’s voices was good.

The other contestants in the Grand Finale also performed well in the duets with their coaches.

Isabela Vinzon rocked “Kapayapaan” by Tropical Depression with Coach Bamboo. Finalist Jeremy Glinoga and Coach Sharon gave a sweet rendition of “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” by Dionne Warwick while Jona Soquite and Coach Sarah went jazz with “Better Days” by Dianne Reeves.

Watch how Coach Lea and Mica sang The Prayer on The Voice Teens Philippines Grand Finale:

Comments from the judges:

Coach Sarah: Grabe, gusto kong maiyak e. Si Coach Lea talagang ganyan ang epekto nya sa akin, maiiyak ako after ng performance nya or gusto kong maiyak.(It’s too much, I wanted to cry. Coach Lea really has this effect on me, i either cry after her performance or want to cry after.) Or sobra akong maiinggit kasi (Or I would feel so envious because) perfect, as always. Coach Lea, you were perfect. At si Mica naman,wala akong maisip na ibang artist na (And to Mica, I can’t think of any other artist) who will best represent Team Lea. So congratulations Mica, congrats Coach.

Coach Bamboo: What a performance, I just loved the Italian, man. That was just beautiful. And you guys just complemented each other. So, Congratulations!

Coach Sharon: Ako kanina pa, gusto kong maki trio e. Gusto kong sumali, inis na inis ako. O kahit nasa third voice ako, ganun (Me, I wanted to perform with them as a trio, early on. I wanted to join, I was so irritated. Even as a third voice, like that.). Tapos nasa likod ako (Then, I’ll be at at the back as), back up. Back down, back up, ganun (like that). But you know, Coach Lea kasi (because) complementing the voice of Mica did so much also for it. But Mica, on your own, that was a beautiful classical performance talagang (really) for a song that’s so popular and for a song that’s been sung widely, napakaganda ng pagkakakanta mo (you sang it beautifully). Pero, ang laki din ng tulong kasi ni Coach din. Ang ganda ng kombinasyon ninyo. (But Coach was really a big help. Your combination was good.)

What people say:

A Wild Ymarc Appeared!: Ask for versatility when Jona does Country, Jeremy goes for Heavy Metal, and when Lala sings Opera. They PROBABLY won’t because it’s not their forte. Props to Mica for staying true to herself. Hoping she wins!

Isiah Julao: To those who will criticize Mica, make sure you’re on the same level with Ms. Lea Salonga. Have a great day..

James Osorio: WORLD CLASS coach with a WORLD CLASS protege in a WORLD CLASS performance. They are truly the three Vs of this competition — VICIOUSLY VERSATILE VIRTUOSOS. Who else felt the MAGIC in this performance? This is too much for one heart! BRAVO!! brb crying

england is my city: Wow the voice philippines has the best singers! There are no singers like that here on the voice uk, amazing voices?? btw I’m a broadway fan and I’ve been watching lea since miss saigon

LIfe is Hard But Music Makes it Lighter: Music, like all works of art, is a form of self-expression. I love you Mica for all the performances that you have done and that you capped all of it earlier with your statement when you said you perform and sing according to your heart desires. Let your self shine through by being just who you are. Forget the haters and naysayers. The right people will appreciate and love your uniqueness and passion. I’d like to say that I am your biggest fan and all the votes that I can cast earlier…I gave all of it to you.

JazzyJean: Wow! This is the BEST performance in duet for tonight, and probabaly the ONLY solid duet tonight. 🙂 Lea’s crystal clear voice and Mica’s operatic style blends well!

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