The Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Queenie vs Angelo vs Jem

Watch how Queenie Ugdiman, Angelo Go and Jem Macatuno performed for The Voice Teens PH...

by Jessie Mendoza

The tension in The Voice Teens Philippines is becoming heavier as the Live Shows near. Coach Bamboo’s young artists showed off their singing styles to the max level.

For the Voice Teens PH Knockout Round, the three talented contestants namely Queenie Ugdiman, Angelo Go, and Jem Macatuno wowed not only their Coach Bamboo but the entire viewing audience.

the voice teens philippines ph july 1 2017 Knockout Round Queenie Ugdiman vs Angelo Go vs Jem Macatuno bamboo Huling El Bimbo Ako
Image Credit: The Voice Teens Philippines

You can see in the eyes of these three that they totally want to be in the next round and so they all didn’t disappoint.

Queenie Ugdiman performed Huling El Bimbo by Eraserheads and she nailed it. She is fierce and very confident. Queenie knows what she can deliver and owned the stage. As what others say, she is a dark horse in this season of The Voice Teens Philippines.

Angelo Go sang Ako’y Sayo, Ika’y Akin and it was mesmerizing. He owned the song, he played the guitar and he was really emotional. And just like what Coach Lea said, Angelo was a good storyteller.

And last but not least, Jem Macatuno covered Sorry Na, Pwede Ba? by Rico J. Puno. He played the guitar as well. Jem was one singer on that stage who was absolutely fearless. His singing style has that flair you won’t always see in young, amateur singers.

Now, these three made judging hard for the coaches. But there was only one performer who got the attention of the judges and that was Angelo Go. Coach Sarah, Coach Sharon, and Coach Lea all voted for Angelo but Coach Bamboo went a different route. He chose Queenie Ugdiman and she became emotional when Bamboo announced his choice.

Watch the Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Queenie vs. Angelo vs. Jem


The Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Queenie vs. Angelo vs. Jem Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Queenie vs. Angelo vs. Jem 1, 2017


Comments from the judges

Coach Sarah Geronimo: ‘Yong artist na talagang dinala ako sa ibang mundo, si Angelo ‘yon. (The artist who really brought me to another world, that was Angelo.)

Coach Sharon Cuneta: Nakangiti ako the whole time sa inyong tatlo. Lahat ng kinanta niyo bagay sa inyo.(I was smiling the whole time with the three of you. All that you sang fits you.) But for this round I will go with the delivery ni (of) Angelo.

Coach Lea Salonga: Isa sa inyo napatahimik kaming lahat na nakikinig lang.(One of you silenced all of us who were listening.) It was a quietly intense, heartfelt performance. Ang galing mo lang mag-kwento (you were such a good story teller)… Angelo.

Coach Bamboo: Una, maraming, maraming salama (first of all, thank you so much) for some world-class Filipino music, man. Parang playlist lang, nakikinig sa playlist lang. Dire-direcho. Ang sarap lang ng pakiramdam lang. (It was just like listening to a playlist. It was continuous. It felt great.) I don’t want to see parang (like) disappointment. Ang pipiliin ko (I will choose)… Queenie.

What others say

Aaron Lacap: May something talaga sa boses ni queenie, sarap pakinggan. (There’s really something in Queenie’s voice. It’s nice to listen to.)

Miles Heizerd: Vocal-wise: Angelo won. Performance-wise: Jem won. Complete package: Queenie won. I know her performance was far from perfect pero kaya nga andyan si (but that’s why there’s) Coach Bamboo to help her improve and there is something special talaga sa batang to (with this kid). I’m glad the coaches picked Angelo, he deserved the praises and compliments too. He was good but Coach Bamboo knew what he was doing, live rounds na yan kailangan titingnan mo rin kung marami pa ba maipapakita yung artist sa live [shows]. I would pick Queenie too!

Ericka Leigh Roswell: Queenie, the next KZ Tandingan.

Jourdine Ace Pantano: Dark Horse of the season! Queenie!

Nasha Lee: Was wondering why the coaches didn’t pick Quenie and Jem! Thank God Bamboo didn’t listen to them. All three were good.

Srh prr: Queenie deserves the spot, that voice is unique no wonder sya pinili ni Bamboo.

Cyanide Producshawn: Camp Kawayan always brings their A Game.

Amor Amores: Other coaches didnt choose Queenie kasi tactic nila yon. Para may laban yong mga pambato nila. Magaling kasi si Queenie.

Third_joshua mraz: Bamboo did pick the right person. Queenie’s version of the first stanza is COOL. Good song choice as well. Kudos to Angelo and Jem as well, binigay naman nila ang kanilang best.

Marc Kenneth Dotado: Queenie is one of the dark [horses] of Camp Kawayan. She is [the] kind of artist that sings naturally. And there is someting in her voice that you can’t find in some artist. Coach Bamboo really likes unique voices that’s why he picked Queenie.

Marlon LT: And Queenie will be a gem of the entertainment industry. She has the height, the face and of course the TALENT! She’s really gifted! And she’s only 14/15 yrs old. Imagine that! She still has a lot of room to grow and improve!

Alray Sison: That’s an awesome rendition of ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ from such a unique voice. Kakaiba talaga! Keep it up Queenie! Good decision from coach Bamboo!

Christian Estacio: So sad that we are losing such great talents. First heather. Now Angelo and Jem?? I hope they are given record deals or some singing contract on asap.

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