The Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Brandon vs Shell vs Mica

Watch how Brandon Ungab, Shell Tenedero, and Mica Becerro performed during the Knockout...

by Jessie Mendoza

What a tough Knockout Round it was for The Voice Teens Philippines on Sunday, July 2.

Coach Lea’s team showed its strength as her wards battled it out with their strong performances. She couldn’t help but jump out of her seat or stand up, cheering each one of them throughout the Knockout Round.

The Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round with Brandon Ungab, Shell Tenedero and Mica Becerro
Image Credit: The Voice Teens Philippines

Brandon Ungab was first up on stage, singing “Panalangin”, which was originally sang by APO Hiking Society. The “shy guy from Bohol”, as host Luis Manzano described him, gave a soulful, passionate rendition of the APO classic.

The judges were nodding their heads in approval while he performed, and Coach Lea was shouting praises in the background: “Yes, Woooh! That’s it! That was amazing!”

Shell Tenedero performed next with the song, “Somewhere Out There”, from the movie “An American Tail”. Her sweet and heartfelt performance kept the audience quiet, for the most part.

One couldn’t help but be reminded of Coach Lea’s Disney songs, when Shell performed. Her style and modulation is unmistakably a product of Lea’s excellent mentoring.

Last up was Mica Becerro, a soprano from Surigao del Norte. She tackled the difficult song “Think of Me”, from the musical, “The Phantom of the Opera”.

Mica proved to be a rare find as she deftly scaled the high notes of the song. She could have sang the song in a cappella and it would still have sounded great.

Coach Lea was mouthing the words as Mica sang and she even bowed at Mica at the end of her performance.

It was quite a challenge for the judges as to who among them they would pick since all of them gave excellent performances, differing only in terms of style and genre.

Coach Sarah and Coach Sharon chose Brandon, while Coach Bamboo voted for Mica. But in the end, it was only Coach Lea’s decision that really mattered.

Coach Lea had a hard time deciding who among them she would want to advance to the live shows. But she did choose, and it was Mica who got her precious nod.

Mica said of Coach Lea’s decision: “Na shock po ako, kasi, hindi po talaga ako nag-expect na ako po yung pipiliin ni Coach Lea kasi ang galing galing po nila Brandon saka ni Shell. Napaka thankful ko po kay Coach Lea dahil hindi nya po ako binibitawan. Ibibigay ko na talaga nang todo.” (I was shocked, i really didn’t expect that I will be chosen by Coach Lea because Brandon and Shell are so good. I am so thankful to Coach Lea because she does not let go of me. I will really give it my all.)

Watch the Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Brandon vs Shell vs Mica

The Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Brandon vs Shell vs Mica Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Brandon vs Shell vs Mica 2, 2017

Comments from the Judges:

Coach Sarah: Wow, napanganga lang ako sa kanila. Kung mamimili ako sa kanilang tatlo, siguro yung nagulat ako sa mga ginawa niya, ‘no? Si Brandon. (Wow, they just left me open-mouthed. If I were to choose among the three, maybe the one who surprised me with what he did, right? It’s Brandon.)

Coach Bamboo: Mica, it’s just always Wow! So if I would choose… Mica.

Coach Sharon: Buti na lang hindi ako si Coach Lea kasi tatlong iba’t-iba ang binigay ninyo.( It’s good that I am not Coach Lea because the three of you gave different performances.) I have to say ang talagang kumunekta sa puso ko nang sobra,(the one who really connected so much with my heart) – Brandon. I would choose Brandon.

Coach Lea: Ginulat ninyo ako…na naman. Brandon, ang layo ng talon mo mula dun sa pinakahuling rehearsal mo mula sa naging performance mo. Naging kumportableng-kumportable ka. (You surprised me, again. Brandon, you jumped so far from our last rehearsal to how you performed. You became so comfortable..) Si Shell, always emotionally kunektado sa kanta (connected to the song). And Mica, yung nagiging misyon mo dito sa The Voice Teens na ipakita na may relevance pa rin ang classical music…bihira (your unfolding mission here in The Voice Teens, to show that classical music is still relevant…that’s rare). You sang that song exactly the way I wanted you to. Moving on to… ooh boy! Live shows… I see Mica!

What others say

lezia nim: maybe hindi magegets ng karamihan (kasama na ako) ung genre nina mica pero si coach lea lang ang may power na pedeng dalhin pa sya ng mas malayo dito (Maybe not many people will get -including me- the genre of Mica. But it’s only Coach Lea who has the power to take her to greater heights.)

Juvil Gotel: I’m so glad you respect Lea’s decision. I am into classical music and nowadays, I am really hoping classical music will be in the mainstream as well. I am happy that coach Lea is all eyes on mica. Training in classical music is really, really hard. It couldn’t be cut short. It is always the hard way. To attain mica’s level is a feat among the young ones. i hope she wins.

Guilerterry Piedad: Still a game of thrones, no matter how good the contestants are, and no matter how the judges try to lift a contestant to the finals, everything is useless if they don’t get enough support from the viewers. Remember, they are putting up a show for the viewers. I just hope your favorite contestant will get enough support to win the season. I am rooting for Mica btw.

Sally Krugmann: She will always choose Mica because she herself have that foundation for her music career.

Yong Grey: Well, current performance aside, Coach Lea is also thinking of the future implications of her decisions. This is a competition, so she has to have a piece, a contestant, an artist, that is of great potential and has a variety of things, or surprises in his/her arsenal. And that defines Mica perfectly!

The Voice Kids Addict: Mica was the artist I noticed that was consistent from blind auditions to battles to knockouts. Consistency is the key to win this competition.

A Wild Ymarc Appeared!: With a lot questioning the versatility of Mica, how come almost no one points out that other competitors are also sticking to their own genres and for me, there is nothing wrong with it. Stick to where you’re good at especially since this is not the Live Shows yet. Who knows what Mica could bring when it comes to the Live Shows. About coach Lea’s so-called ‘favoritism’, she wouldn’t make it that far in the music industry if she wasn’t professional in every decision she makes. This competition is supposed to be centered on the Teens, not the Coaches.

Angelo Apuli: What I like about Mica’s voice is its uniqueness, consistency, and overall control. Brandon, on the one hand, has a solid, engaging and an entertaining voice. And about Shell’s, her voice can make a connection with respect to emotion and a kind of narrating a story lying behind the song. They’re all excellent singers in their own genre and style.

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