The Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Gia vs Ivan vs. Tanya

Watch how Gia, Ivan, and Tanya of Team Sarah give their best performances to earn a slot in...

September 30, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

Three outstanding performances made for an exciting night in The Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round with three members of Team Sarah stepping up on the plate.

Ivan Navares, Tanya Dawood, and Gia Gonzales vied for a spot on the live shows.

The Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round with Gia vs. Ivan vs. Tanya
Image Credit: The Voice Teens Philippines

The 15-year old Gia from Hong Kong sang the alternative rock song “Ex’s & Oh’s” by American singer-songwriter Elle King. The young lady performed like a pro on stage as she tackled the song, making most of the judges move with her rhythm while she sang.

Next up is Ivan, a young man from Leyte who has joined numerous singing competitions prior to The Voice Teens. He chose the song “There’s No Easy Way”, by pop and R&B singer, James Ingram.

Ivan’s polished and well-controlled voice wowed the audience as well, and Coach Sarah Geronimo appeared to have been touched by his rendition of Ingram’s classic.

Beautiful Pakistani-Filipino Tanya, who won “The Mega Voice” in the Middle East, sang the challenging classic “I Who Have Nothing”, which was originally sang by Ben King.

Tanya gave it her own spin, turning the standard classic into a mix of R&B and soul.

The coaches had their own favorites among the three contenders.

Coach Bamboo Mañalac chose his “favorite” Tanya, while Coach Sharon Cuneta and Coach Lea Salonga chose Gia. Coach Lea said Gia was so ready for the live shows.

Coach Sarah Geronimo crying over choosing Ivan for live shows
Image Credit: The Voice Teens Philippines

When it came to Coach Sarah, she noted Gia’s being “at home” on stage; Tanya’s determination; and Ivan’s former experience in competitions showing in his performance.

Coach Sarah suddenly became emotional when it was time for her to pick the winner among the three members of her team. She had to stand up and her eyes watered and said that she was about to cry because it was so hard to make a decision.

While Coach Sarah was visibly crying as she was making up her mind, Coach Sharon said “I just prayed for you. It’s ok, it’s ok darling, they’re all good.”.

With tears running down her cheeks, Sarah finally announced that Ivan was her choice for the live shows.

Both Ivan and Coach Sarah were crying when they hugged.

Ivan said, “Sobrang saya po kasi sa lahat ng mga pinagdaanan, nakaabot kami ng ganitong level.” (I am so happy because we’ve been through a lot, and we were able to reach this level.)

Ivan joins Jona Marie Soquite and Nisha Bedaña, to complete the line-up of Team Sarah for the live shows.

Watch The Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round Gia vs. Ivan vs. Tanya

The Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Gia vs. Ivan vs. Tanya Voice Teens Philippines Knockout Round: Gia vs. Ivan vs. Tanya 9, 2017


Comments from the judges

Coach Bamboo: One stood out for me and has been a favorite of mine… Tanya.

Coach Sharon: Kung ako papipiliin (If i were to choose), for the lives, I’ll go with Gia.

Coach Lea: Kung ako yung pipili, yung pipiliin ko yung talagang hasang-hasa na at handang-handa nang pumunta sa live shows, so, si Gia (If I were to choose, I will choose someone who’s very polished and ready to go to the live shows, so, that’s Gia.)

Coach Sarah: Gia, you’re such a joy to watch, at home na at home sa stage na yan, kung sino yung kumportable na gumalaw (you’re so at home on that stage, you were the one who moved with ease). Si Tanya naman, grabe lang ang determination ng batang ito (Tanya has great determination. Eto, eto, 100 na singing contests ang sinalihan. Kitang-kita naman yun kung gaano ka professional na gumalaw, magbitiw ng mga linya nya sa pag-awit (This one, he joined 100 singing contests It shows in how he moves like a professional, in how he throws his lines when he sings). At sino ba ang pipiliin kong artist sainyong tatlo? Haaa, Oh my God, ay naku, tatayo na ako. Ayan, naiiyak na ko. Ang hirap, akala ko kaya ko na e… Ang pipiliin kong artist ay si Ivan.(And who among you will I choose among you three? Oh my God, I will have to stand. There,I’m about to cry…It’s so hard…i thought i can take it already. I will choose the artist Ivan.)


What people say

jemdahunk: Ivan has the voice quality… Gia and Tanya are good with technicality but Ivan has soul. Yung ginawa ni Gia and tanya mapagaaralan. Pero voice quality inborn yan. (What Gia and Tanya, that could be learned. But voice quality, that’s inborn.)

Roberto Clemente: What voice quality. Maybe strained voice quality. Hindi natural (not natural). Coined. Boring. One song from Ivan and you hear them all. No excitement. Gia & Tanya have variety, versatility, & scores of Genres. PERFORMERS & ENTERTAINERS sila (they are performers and entertainers). IMHO.

iamEnriquE: Agree with Ivan. He’s got good voice quality and If coached properly with the right song he can go far.

Angelou Anlap: Sorry. Di ko talaga feel si ivan (I don’t really feel Ivan). He’s just another balladeer. Nothing special. For this round, gia should have been chosen. Runner up si tanya.

SakuraPonchonsavarit: Yes, ivan is just another balladeer but as far as this competition is concerned, sila lang ni jeremy ang balladeer kaya stand out sya (only he and jeremy are balladeers, that is why he’s a stand out). Gia and Tanya can sing but they have the same style with pretty much everyone else.

Rouden Verian: Nakakainis (It’s annoying). It should’ve been Gia or Tanya. I mean no offense kay (to) Ivan. May talent din naman yung bata. (The kid also has talent.) But this round he wasn’t the best one.

Messy Jaye: Bet ko sia Gia and Tanya pero wala e ginalingan talaga ni Ivan, tagos sa puso plus ang linis kumanta (My bets are really Gia and Tanya, but Ivan really did his best, straight to the heart and he sang smoothly). He deserved the spot!??

Irish Emmanuel Agpoon: They are all artists and extremely talented. Personally I want Tanya, but Sarah is the coach we gotta trust her.

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