The Voice Teens Philippines Semifinals: Mica Becerro – Loving You

Watch how Mica Becerro of Team Lea slay 'Loving You' at The Voice Teens Philippines...

by Jessie Mendoza

The Voice Teens Philippines 2017 have recently trimmed down its contenders to only four contestants for the finals.

The Voice Teens Philippines Semifinals Mica Becerro of Team Lea Salonga singing Loving You by Minnie Riperton
Image Credit: The Voice Teens Philippines

For FamiLea (Lea Salonga’s team), soprano Mica Becerro was chosen as the performer who will compete with other finalists of the talent show.

Trained to sing classical music, the 17-year old lady from Surigao City is known for tackling opera songs.

Mica’s rendition of the aria , Queen of the Night (from the opera Magic Flute), during her audition was a four-chair turner. All coaches were begging and angling to make her part of their team. Lea even became emotional when she revealed that during her “Miss Saigon” days, it was training in classical technique that saved her voice.

For the semifinals, Mica sang “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton. The song, which seems deceptively simple, fits Mica’s voice perfectly.

The studio audience and coaches cannot help but sigh when Mica whistled cleanly in some parts of the song.

Coach Lea, Coach Sarah Geronimo, and Coach Sharon Cuneta gave Mica a standing ovation after her performance.

Coach Bamboo commented that the whistles were sweet and that he enjoyed Mica’s performance because she was more relaxed this time.

Coach Lea marveled at her ward’s excellent and polished performance and said that Mica “showed pop, by a classicaly-trained pop singer”. She gave a grade of 95% to Mica, higher by 5% than what she gave to her team’s other semifinalist, Chan Millanes.

Mica garnered an average of 97.5%, consisting of 50% public vote and 47.5% coach vote, to clinch a spot in the finals of The Voice Teens Philippines 2017.

In the finals round, Mica will compete against Jona Marie Soquite of Team Sarah, Isabela Vinzon of Team Bamboo, and Jeremy Glinoga of Team Sharon.

Watch The Voice Teens Philippines Semifinals: Mica Becerro – Loving You

Comments from the Judges

Coach Bamboo: Mica, Mica, I liked that one.Man, yung mga pito (the whistles), that was sweet. And what I like is napansin ko sayo, parang (I noticed in you, it’s like) you’re showing a different side of you. Yun parang relax-relax ka lang (It seems like you’re just relaxed), you’re smiling, you’re being playful. I enjoyed that performance. Congratulations!

Coach Lea: Wala talaga akong masabi. Ang galing mo lang talaga. (I really can’t say anything. You’re just really good.) At ang maganda dito, meron kang ipinakitang iba. Kasi nasanay na kaming lahat na dun sa classical mong boses (And the nice thing about this is, you showed something different. Because all of us got used to your classical voice). Pero (but), you showed pop and by a classicaly-trained pop singer. So, maganda, ang linis! Naku, mahihirapan ako nito (beautiful, very clean! Oh, it will be difficult for me). Congratulations sayo (to you)!

What people say

Herlymae Conejero: Good Job Mica. Headtone is very clear falsetto is very smooth Ano pa kayang genre ang kaya mong gawin? (What else can you do?)it’s great… ikaw n bes. (It’s you, bestfriend).

Aries Algoza: She will be the Winner. I bet on that. likes sa mga naniniwala na sya ang mananalo.(Like for those who believe she will be the winner.)

Anonymous Forever: Only Mica can sing this song … among the contestants .. khit ang mga (even the) judges cant sing the pito (whistle) part …

Arnold Alano: At the blinds, Mica surprised the audience with a Bang! Knowing that classical music is hardly recognized in this side of the world, fearlessly she went on to showcase her unconventional yet solid skill. That alone was admirable. Despite her obvious true talent, a lot were not sold, not because she was not good but more of (sadly) her genre was not appreciated by the masses who are obviously stuck to pop & ballad. As I commented before, after airing The Voice for few years, Mica’s presence has added new dimension to this competition, new flavor and refreshing…

Jhessie Magada: who would thought the she can even do the whistle tone… gosh you’re so incredible #Micaforthewin

al fogel: Great vocal range and emotional sweetness showcasing her vocal talent but there are many classical singers that can hit those high falsetto bird like chirping notes. For me, it wasn’t her best performance and hope next time she sings a heartfelt emotionally impactful song in a unique way.

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