5 things people look forward to in Liza Soberano’s Darna movie

What people are excited about in the upcoming Darna film starring Liza Soberano

by Jessie Mendoza

Almost a month since Liza Soberano was officially announced as the new Darna, people are still wondering how Liza will be packaged to fit the iconic role of the Filipino superhero.

Though there may be a few who are not convinced with Liza as the best choice to play Darna, most netizens are excited about the upcoming film.

Liza posing beside Darna standee at Toy Con 2017
Image Credit: Star Cinema

Social media is ripe with talk, memes, and speculations as to how Liza will tackle the role and how different Director Erik Matti’s take would be on the Mars Ravelo classic.

Here’s a rundown of what people are looking forward to in the new Darna film:

1. What Liza Soberano’s Darna costume would look like

Liza is known for being quite conservative, and hardly ever shows skin in her films. In a recent ABS-CBN news interview, she laid out her willingness to wear the standard Darna costume (usually sexy)if need be. “Whatever is approved by the management, yun po ang isusuot ko (that’s what I will wear). But if I were to choose, anything naman (really),actually as long as I am prepared for it,” she said.

Darna’s movie director, Erik Matti, said that the Darna costume is undergoing “reimagining” since Liza got the role. There’s no fixed style yet but we assume it would not be totally different from the two-piece suit that Darna actresses wear.

2. How Liza will look and sound when she shouts “Darna!”

Liza Soberano in a beautiful makeup
Image Credit: @makeupbytanyaong IG

Shouting the name “Darna” has always been one of the most-awaited and most-imitated moments in any Darna movie or tv series. Will Liza’s voice be capable of shouting the name Darna with conviction? Will her stance while doing so, be able to impress the viewers?

A constant joke that went around social media was that Liza will say “Ding, the stone!” instead of “Ding, ang bato (the stone)!”

That’s because Liza is Filipino-American, born and raised in California, and only learned to speak Tagalog at age 13.

But if Russian-Filipino Nanette Medved, who was also born in the US and who was more at home with English than Tagalog, was able to pull it off as Darna in 1991, why not Liza?

Besides, the shouting Darna voice can always be dubbed by another person, like what GMA Network did in its Darna tv series. In case you didn’t know, Regine Velasquez was the shouting voice of Angel Locsin, everytime she has to transform into the super heroine.

Luis Manzano once prodded Liza to shout “Darna!” at ASAP, and her voice was unexpectedly strong yet feminine at the same time. We are sure that her Darna shouting voice will improve in no time.

3. How Liza’s body will look after training

Many of those who reacted negatively to Liza as Darna said her body may be too “soft” for the role.

Known for being a top commercial model and endorser, Liza’s outstanding beauty was all that really mattered. But Liza had a good figure too, otherwise all those gowns and body-hugging clothes she modeled wouldn’t look good on her.

Currently, Liza is undergoing rigorous physical training with trainer Bok Santos to prepare her for the role. Expect the training not only to sculpt her body but also to build her strength and resistance.

Liza Soberano working out with weights
Image Credit: @boksantos IG

4. How Liza will kick ass in the action scenes of the movie

Liza has always been known for starring in rom-coms, a far cry from what the Darna movie would be. She never had any major action scene in her films, she is only used to fighting her co-stars with hugot lines.

But director Director Matti said in an article by Rappler that Liza is a “determined na babae” (a determined woman).

Though she looks fragile, Liza is actually a very strong-willed lady. She’s not a breadwinner of her family for nothing.

Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, Bok Santos at the Gym in a strong pose
Image Credit: @boksantos IG

5. Who her co-stars will be, who will have cameo roles?

Some news sites have reported that Enrique Gil will be Liza’s leading man in the much-awaited film. ,There’s also a rumor that Anne Curtis will likely play the villain Valentina.

But Director Matti said that there is no final casting yet. Auditions for the other major characters of the film have yet to be announced. That includes Darna’s brother Ding, who acts as some sort of a sidekick to the heroine.

Darna’s release date is not final yet, but it is expected to be shown towards the end of this year. Liza Soberano replaced Angel Locsin, who had to back out of the film due to her spinal injury.

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