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by Jessie Mendoza

Jollibee scores another marketing victory with its latest commercial going viral again. Titled “Jollibee Perfect Pairs”, the viral commercial zoomed past 5 million views on Facebook, just 10 hours after it was posted.

Jollibee commercial titled Jollibee Perfect Pairs man smiling at girl inside Jollibee restaurant
Image Credit: Jollibee Philippines

The food giant has been making headlines with its series of commercials which are very moving and very relatable.

The latest video features body builder and ex-lifeguard Mark Joseph “MJ” Tam again as the lead actor. Yes, he’s the same guy whose heart was broken when his best friend married another man, in one of Jollibee’s most viral commercials titled, “Vow”.

To refresh your memory and to understand the latest ad , Jollibee Perfect Pairs, watch the Vow again:

The latest ad, shows the other side to the story of Vow. In a way, it serves as a closure to the story of Vow,which was first revealed in Jollibee’s Valentine Series.

The newest Jollibee commercial is shown from the point of view of an unnamed woman, who was narrating her story. She recalled how she first met this guy at a Jollibee restaurant during their college days. They became best friends, but the girl knew that “He’s the one.”

Jollibee latest commercial with woman staring Jollibee menu
Image Credit: Jollibee

Then she goes on to say that she also did not forget the first time the guy met another woman. Here, shots from the previous commercial “Vow” was shown. The guy and the other woman ordered the same item from the Jollibee menu, but that wasn’t shown in the latest ad anymore.

At that moment, the woman said she knew that she wasn’t the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

But he continued to be his best friend, supporting him even if she knew he was in love with another girl.

The wedding scene of the Vow was shown, with the narrator admitting to herself that she will always just be a friend.

The next shot shows the guy, remembering his friend (the narrator). Then, in walks his former friend. She asks, “Is this seat taken?”. He says, “No, not taken. Sana ikaw din (I hope, you too.).” Then he touches her hand and she smiles while shaking her head.

With the virality of its latest commercial, it will not be surprising if the lead actors of the latest Jollibee commercial will become stars in the near future.

Here’s the complete dialogue and English translation or subtitles:

W: Hindi ko malilimutan nung una tayong nagkita sa Jollibee. College tayo nun. (I will not forget the first time we met at Jollibee. We were in college then.)

M: Is this seat taken?

W: No, not taken.

W: Naalala ko, best friends na tayo. Pero sabi ko sa sarili ko, he’s the one. (I remember, we were already best friends. But i told myself, he’s the one.)

Hindi ko rin malilimutan, noong una mo syang makita. (I will not forget too, the first time you saw her.) At that moment, alam kong (i knew) I wasn’t the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

Pero pinangako ko (But i promised) that I will still be your friend. I will always support you. I will be there whenever you need me.

Mahal na mahal mo sya (You love her so much). Kaya tanggap ko na (That’s why I accept that), I’ll always be just your friend.

W: Is this seat taken?

M: No, not taken. Sana, ikaw din (I hope you’re not either).

W: Minsan pala, kung maghihintay ka lang (Sometimes, if you just wait). Darating din ang perfect para sayo. (The perfect one for you will also come to you.)


What people say on Facebook:

Roxanne Tuliao: This is so perfect! I cried nung hindi sila nagkatuluyan nung girl (when he and the girl didn’t end up together). He’s destined to be with someone else pala. They’re perfect!

Paolo Ferrez Dela Cruz: Hahahahah what’s meant to be, will be ??? #hugotpa

Isaac C. Cruz: I disagree kay Ate Girl. Second choice lang siya (She’s just the second choice). He will never see her as the perfect one for him, because that perfect pair for him got away. She will always be someone he just settled for. #ouch #thefeels #theinadvertentfeels

Izabella Francesca Gaite: I know.. I also was thinking the same as you, at first. But I realized that sometimes love isn’t always what we’ve hoped for. Sometimes it doesn’t come in it’s ideal form. Sometimes happy endings didn’t always have the best stories in the middle. And that’s alright. So if she accepts the love that he now has for her, then that’s her choice ??

Mikhail Hauptman: There is nothing “perfect” about the one who chose somebody else or the one you let go. “What could’ve been”, or “what if’s” will never make a perfect pair. She is not a second choice, but THE right choice. She’s given him her time and understanding, always supporting him. The guy saw that in the end, sometimes the one you’re looking for has always been there for you.

Jo Lim : Sometimes you do not end up with the person you love but the person who is right for you.

James Ephraim Tabilla: I don’t think she’s a “second choice” like a lot of us would initially believe. I think she’s the “ultimate choice” and I think that’s the choice that matters the most.

Matt Tejada: She’s very fortunate, not everyone gets to be in a relationship with their first love.

Pam Ang-Flordeliza: I couldn’t care anymore if I am the 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice, as long as I am the last… There is no perfect pair nor a perfect relationship but there is only One person who offers this kind of love and relationship. That is the Love of Christ…

Abbey Fojas-Dela Paz : She is not necessarily a second choice. It just so happened that it didn’t work out with the other girl n the guy has no other choice but to move on –and that’s when he realized that he had unrecognized feelings for the bestfriend. Just because we got our heart broken by our first love doesn’t mean we will never find true love again.

Jaki Winfrey Oww : The guy hasn’t got the gift of discernment. Remember that he was awed and mesmerized by the sheer aura of the girl, and stops there. While the girl “friend” tend to develop her feelings for him well baked. Boys would always be visual, while girls look for something solid to justify the feelings. In the end, the boy realized that all the while, the one for him is right there in front for the taking.

Ryker Li: THE VOW” was inspired by a true story. So this another part, “THE BEST FRIEND” episode, is this also a,true story, Jollibee?

About Jollibee

Jollibee is the biggest multinational fast food chain in the Philippines, with more than 750 stores nationwide.

It is famous for its varied menu, including the popular Chickenjoy, which was recently ranked third in the US by food website Foodbeast. The gravy recipe is a standout, according to the food hacker and critic Constantine Spyrou. The Jollibee Chickenjoy was bested only by Chick-fil-A and Popeye’s.

In the USA, the popular JFC or Jollibee branches are the following:

Jollibee Tukwila, Washington (1374 Southcenter Mall, Tukwila)
Jollibee Jersey City (393 Danforth Ave, Jersey City)
Jollibee Virginia (4541 S Plaza Trail, Virginia Beach, VA)
Jollibee Chicago (5033 N Elston Ave, Chicago IL)
Jollibee Florida (Kernan Village, 11884 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL)
Jollibee Skokie (3534 Touhy Avenue)
Jollibee Houston (8001 Main St, Houston, TX)
Jollibee Las Vegas (3890 S. Maryland Pkwy, Suite 137. Las Vegas, NV )
Jollibee New York (62-29 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, New York)

The fastfood giant currently has 26 branches in the USA, 32 in Vietnam, 11 in Brunei, 7 in Jeddah, and one each in Qatar, Hong Kong, and Kuwait.

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