Nadine Lustre shows sexy dance in White Shirt Love video

Nadine Lustre shows sexy dance moves of the G-Force dance fitness 'White Shirt Love'

October 4, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

Nadine Lustre, voted as the country’s Sexiest Woman for 2017 in FHM’s annual poll, shows her latest hottest dance moves in a video posted by Enzo Portes on Instagram.

The short video showed Nadine clad in a long white shirt and skimpy shorts. She danced sensuously to the music, using a chair as props.

Nadine Lustre in black sexy outfit
Image Credit: @iamenzoportes IG

The singer-actress stretched her shirt now and again, a classic move which is part of “White Shirt Love”, a dance fitness regimen created by Georcelle Mandapat-Sy of the G-Force Dance Center.

Nadine’s hot moves did not fail to attract the attention of netizens, with a lot of them saying that the video just goes to show how sexy Nadine really is.

Her projection on the dance floor is a far cry from the usually sweet roles she portrays on her films and television series.

Watch Nadine’s sizzling dance below:

Sorry, the video isn’t available anymore.

Nadine has shown in several instances that she is a consummate performer. She is not only a good singer and actress but she is also a very good dancer.

The video clip is proof of how Nadine has blossomed into a very skillful and expressive performance artist.

What people say:

hlm_jadine: Super hot Naddie…

themoonpriestess: Too hot babe.. tooooo hot! Wohhh

jayexnadine: I can watch this all day ? ???

nadzdicted: Can somebody call 911 may emergency dito sa sa sobrang hot ni Nadine (there’s an emergency here because Nadine is so hot).

yowitsba: RIP replay button ???

mashinnihsam: Iba ka @nadzlustre. SEXIEST ka nga po TALAGA (You’re different @nadzlustre. You’re really the sexiest.)

jayexnadine: Meet the FHM’s #1 Sexiest Woman. ?

nicejab: Well . .she’s not the country’s Sexiest for nothing! This is the true sexy!

iannetapia12: thank you enzo for sharing this .. abot hnggang dubai yung hotness ????? (the hotness reaches up to Dubai)

jd_mindziee: Ang galing. Graceful at ibang mag project ng sexiness. She knows na talaga how to express thru body movements. Seductive yet classy, gandang panoorin. (It’s great. Graceful and she projects sexiness differently. She really knows how to express thru body movements)

mbtimy: She is truly an artist! It shows the sexiness of Nadine and she projected it well without malice?

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