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by Jessie Mendoza

The Paul Salas vs Daniel Padilla Twitter feud has quieted down and it seems Daniel is ready to move on from the issue.

Daniel Padilla of La Luna Sangre at District 8 Manila on Paul Salas vs Daniel Padilla Twitter Feud Star Magic All Star Basketball
Image Credit: @district8manila

Though the two actors has stopped trading tweets, Daniel recently revealed in an interview that he felt offended by Paul Salas’ tweet.

In a recent interview with ABS-CBN, the La Luna Sangre star said, “Sa akin lang, I don’t tolerate things na ganung bagay. Parang sa akin kasi, medyo nabastos lang ako. Mas bata sya sa akin. Ako kasi pagkatao ko, bilang isang artista e pag mas may matandang artista e nirerespeto ko. Pero para sa akin, para ako atakihin mo, at ang masama pa dun may pinagsamahan din naman kami, magkakilala… So hindi ko lang tinolerate yung ganung bagay.” (For me, I don’t tolerate things like that. For my part, I was quite offended. He is younger than me. I am that kind of person, as an artist, I give respect to artists older than me. And for him to attack me, when we have spent some time together before, we know each other… I just didn’t tolerate that kind of thing.)

Paul Salas on Twitter feud Paul Salas vs Daniel Padilla over Stephen Curry and Star Magic All Stars Basketball game
Image Credit: @salas.paul IG

Asked if he got mad at Paul Salas, Daniel answered, “Di naman ako nagalit, yun nga lang nabastos lang ako.” (I’m not mad, I just got offended.)

For those who have not followed the Twitter feud between the two, here’s how it happened.

Daniel was fouled by JC de Vera in a Star Magic All Star Basketball game on Sunday, Aug. 13. A tense moment ensued as Daniel was visibly irked when he was floored because of the foul.

But a few minutes later, Daniel and JC patched things up and shook hands with each other. A post-game interview showed Daniel saying they got emotional because of the heat of the game, and it was okay.

However, when the video of the incident went viral on social media. A friend of Paul Salas shared the video and his reaction on Facebook, with the words, ” Swimming ka na lang hahahaha. Idol talaga si Curry” (Just go swimming. Your idol is really Curry.)He also tagged Paul Salas.

Paul replied with a pun: “hahahahaha curry na curry ba” (very much like curry). He also shared the post and added a comment “Mag laro ka na lang ng lazer tag kung ayaw mo masaktan sa basketball haha” (Just play lazer tag if you don’t want to get hurt in basketball.)

That latter post has been erased, according to MJ Felipe of TV Patrol. But netizens have started reacting to the issue since somebody made screenshots of the posts and then shared them on Twitter. The ball kept rolling until it reached Daniel and his friends.

Thereafter, a challenge was posed by Daniel’s friends, that is, to settle things via a basketball match.

Daniel’s simple tweet became viral: “@PaulAndreSalas ano? Sagot.” (What? Answer.)

Paul replied, “G pa sched na kami ng court” (We will arrange for the court schedule).

That tweet has not been erased and is still on Paul’s account.

Paul Salas tweet on Paul Salas vs Daniel Padilla Twitter feud about Stephen Curry and Star Magic All Star Basketball game
Image Credit: @PaulAndreSalas Twitter

The parents of both actors, Karla Estrada (Daniel’s mom) and Jim Salas, said they have talked to each other to defuse the situation brewing between their sons.

Towards the end of Daniel’s interview, he was asked if the basketball match will push through. Daniel laughed and said jokingly “Hindi, practice muna sila.” (No, they should practice first.)

An article by push cited that Daniel knows a lot of people defended him online. But he thinks it’s about time that netizens stop bashing Paul.

Besides, he said he answered back on Twitter not for Paul to be bashed, but to let Paul know that he won’t let such things or comments like that go unanswered. “Overall, ‘yun lang, move on na tayo.” (That’s it, let’s move on.)

Watch Daniel Padilla’s interview with the press about Paul Salas

Daniel was interviewed by the press at the grand opening of District 8 Manila, a gastropub which is partly owned by him. His co-owners include Paul Artadi, Billy Crawford, Vice Ganda, Marc Pingris, James Yap, Charlton Yu, and Francis Zamora. The gastropub is located at the Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan.

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