Eat Bulaga Miss Millennial PH: Top 10 Reasons to love La Union

Eat Bulaga's Miss Millenial La Union in an interview with the hosts reveals the Top 10...

by Jessie Mendoza

A few days ago, Miss Millennial La Union Carina “Ina” Cariño was presented to the Eat Bulaga audience by hosts Ruby Rodriguez, Pauleen Luna- Sotto, Allan K, and Alden Richards.

Eat Bulaga Miss Millennial La Union interview with Pauleen Luna Sotto Ruby Rodriguez Allan K Alden Richards Top 10 Things to Love About La Union Carina Cariño
Image Credit: Eat Bulaga

The 20-year old beauty from Agoo is an Economics student at the De La Salle University (Taft).

She is a fan of the band Coldplay, and had a chance to see the band perform during the band’s “A Head Full of Dreams” concert in Manila in April of this year.

During her interview with the EB hosts, Carina said that aside from being the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, La Union is being developed as a hub for agrotourism in Northern Luzon. She said harvesting sea urchins or grape-picking are examples of activities that will be promoted by her province.

Eat Bulaga Miss Millennial La Union Carina Cariño Surfing Capital La Union
Image Credit: @carinagebilaguincarino IG

Upon the urging of Ruby, Carina also cited the Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity in Agoo, which was built in the 1500s. She said it is a beautiful church, the cornerstone of which, was laid in 1975.

Thereafter, Carina shared a video which showed the Top 10 Reasons why people will fall in love with La Union. Here’s her top 10 list (which she presented from 10 to 1):

10. Clay Pottery Industry in Taboc, San Juan
9. Bahay na Bato in Luna, La Union
8. Pindangan Ruins in San Fernando City
7. River Farm at Bacnotan
6. Vineyard and Guapple farm in Bauang
5. Pugad Adventure at Pugo
4. The Beach Life
3. Halo Halo de Iloko at San Fernando City
2. Surfing in San Juan
1. Good Vibes and Cheerful Locals

Watch Ina’s video on Top 10 Things to Love about La Union


Ina was crowned as Mutia Ti La Union 2017 on March 2, 2017 at the City Plaza in San Fernando City. Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach was one of the panel of judges during the pageant.

Carina landed on the news with her intelligent and gender-sensitive answer to a question posed by Pia during the Q&A.

Watch Carina at the Q&A of Mutia Ti La Union


Carina Cariño is Mutya Ti La Union 2017 Cariño is Mutya Ti La Union 2017 2, 2017

Pia asked, “Since it’s almost International Women’s Day, and that’s a celebration of women who empower and inspire; aside from your mother, can you name another female figure in your life (who)inspired you?”

“I would like to name my handler, Mommy Paul, because he has inspired me to go here and be here to inspire people as well.”

The audience inside the venue started to laugh at that point, knowing full well that Mommy Paul is a transgender.

Carina noted the jeers and continued to explain her choice.

“Excuse me. I do not think that we should limit the female figure to women who are biologically female, because we already have transcended towards a new era where we can define women as those who have already changed their gender and already decided to be identified as women, ” she said.

The crowd noted her profound answer and started applauding.

She wrapped up her answer by saying, “I think that Mommy Paul has inspired me here to stand in front of you all, in this pageant…because I believe that he told me, and inspired me, that pageants are a celebration of a woman’s beauty and it inspires and empowers women. And that is how big his impact in my life her impact in my life is. Thank you.”

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