James Reid, Nadine Lustre’s sweet moments at JaDine Live in Pampanga

Watch the sweetest moments of JaDine in their Live in Pampanga concert. James Reid and...

September 23, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

James Reid and Nadine Lustre, popularly known as JaDine had another successful concert in Pampanga on Saturday, August 5.

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It’s JaDine’s second time in Pampanga but the concert venue,The Park at Nepo Center in Angeles City, Pampanga was jam packed with JaDine fans, young and old. They were screaming their hearts out as JaDine gave them a wonderful, energetic show.

But as always, fans were waiting for those sweet moments between James and Nadine.

Having admitted that they are officially a couple way back February 20, 2016, JaDine’s relationship seem to have gone on from strength to strength.

At the JaDine Live in Pampanga concert, that sweetness was emanating from the both of them. Only a blind man can probably not see, that James and Nadine are very much into each other.

One of the highlights of the show was when the host asked James and Nadine to do a “nose to nose”, instead of a kiss. The couple readily obliged as the fans giggled and went crazy. Nadine turned around and went straight to hugging James, who then took her to a dip nose to nose.

The host noted how James rubbed his nose eagerly on Nadine’s nose. That was some scene to behold!

Watch that portion in a video by JaDine fan Jesseca (@jesseca_jd IG).

There was a part in the show when James showed his possessiveness towards Nadine. Did he get jealous with Ronnie Liang, a guest artist, who he thought may be getting way too close to Nadine?

In a video captured by the same fan (@jesseca_jd) James seem to be looking at Ronnie, who was beside Nadine when they bowed to the audience at the closing minutes of the concert.

When Ronnie was about to take a selfie with them, James pulled Nadine towards him by the waistline, and took her with him towards the backstage.

The incident didn’t get past the eagle-eyed JaDine fans, who giggled all the more with James’ actions.

Now, here’s a video by Viva Artists Agency which pretty much sums up the JaDine Live in Pampanga concert.

All in all, JaDine showed why they are still one of the most popular love teams in the country today. James and Nadine are both good singers and dancers and are both good actors, as their successful teleseryes and films prove.

It seems they are going to lie low for a while on the concert scene though, since they said Pampanga is the last leg of their concert series.

Does this mean, JaDine will start taping for a new show or start shooting for a film soon?

For updates on JaDine, go to their official social media accounts:

Note: Nadine has recently deactivated her Twitter and Instagram accounts, but she just might need some time off and may come back to social media at the right time.

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