Nadine Lustre new look: Daenerys of Game of Thrones or Ariana Grande?

See Nadine Lustre in her concert outfit as Ariana Grande. Know why netizens also cited...

September 23, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

Photos of Nadine Lustre attending Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman Tour” on August 21 have been circulating online and is a hot topic among netizens.

Nadine Lustre as Ariana Grande on Dangerous Woman tour Manila 2017 also Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones GOT Mall of Asia Arena MOA
Image Credit: @jellyeugenio IG

Nadine looked fashionably different with a long platinum-blonde or silver hair and thickened eyebrows. She wore busted knee jeans with a matching sexy denim top.

The theme of Nadine’s ensemble was patterned after Ariana’s “Focus” look. The 24 year-old American singer-actress also sported a platinum blonde hair in her Focus video which had gained over 729 million views so far.

Nadine Lustre full shot as Ariana Grande in Dangerous Woman Tour Manila 2017 also looked like Daenerys Targaryen of the Game of Thrones
Image Credit: @joannagee IG

Ariana Grande Focus video on Vevo Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour Philippines 2017 ariana grande moonlight fragrance
Image Credit: @ArianaGrandeVevo

But some netizens cited that it seemed like Nadine was also channeling Daenerys Targaryen of the worldwide HBO hit, “Game of Thrones (GOT)”.

Daenerys Targaryen, which is played by Emilia Clarke, also has long platinum-blonde hair and thick eyebrows in the show that has captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

Emilia Clarke Daenerys Targaryen Khaleesi Game of Thrones HBO mother of dragons
Image Credit: @daenerystargaryen IG

If not for the fact that Nadine attended the concert of Ariana, majority would have concluded she is copying the look of Daenerys Targaryen.

Nevertheless, whether she wanted to look like Ariana the singer or Daenerys Targaryen the Mother of Dragons in the Game of Thrones (GOT), it does not really matter. Nadine still stood out with her get-up.

That long platinum-blonde hair was enough to turn heads around in Ariana’s jampacked concert at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Sexiest Woman in the country Nadine Lustre stands out in Focus-Ariana theme for #ArianaAtMOAArena! #SpottedAtMOAArena

Ctto @JadinePublicist

— MALL OF ASIA ARENA (@MOAArena) August 21, 2017

Nadine's here gracing us with her gorgeous Ariana look for tonight! Slay! #SmartArianaGrande #SmartMusicLive #DWTourManila

— SMART (@LiveSmart) August 21, 2017

You can catch Nadine on It’s Showtime, where she is presently a co-host along with her love team partner, James Reid. JaDine is the most recent inclusion in a show whose main hosts include Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Billy Crawford, Karylle, and Amy Perez.

Meanwhile, the next stop of Ariana’s Dangerous Woman tour is in Vietnam. As for Daenerys Targaryen, she’s going to be back with her dragons in the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale.

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