Vicki Belo shows her Michael Cinco wedding gown


Have a sneak peek of Vicky Belo's wedding gown designed by Michael Cinco. See other…

Dr. Vicki Belo, founder of Belo Medical Group, shared a sneak peek of her wedding gown designed by Michael Cinco.

Vicki Belo Vicky Belo Wedding Gown Michael Cinco Dubai Vicki Belo Instagram daughter scarlet snow belo scarlet snow belo instagram vicki belo age hayden kho doc hayden victoria belo instagram church wedding paris france
Image Credit: @victoria_belo Instagram

The wife of Dr. Hayden Kho broke into a song when she saw Cinco himself at her doorstep, with the wedding gown in tow.

Belo’s enthusiastic welcome for his creations made the Dubai-based Cinco smile happily. Who would have thought that a respected and influential dermatologist and industry leader such as Belo, could act like any other excited bride?

Belo shared the short video of Cinco’s arrival and a sneak peek of her gown on Instagram. She captioned it with, “My wedding gown is finally here! I’m so excited to see how it looks, I was able to compose a song on the spot ?Thank you, @michaelcinco5 ♥️#aKHOandmyBELOved #TheRoadToIDo #belobride

A week ago, Belo already shared an intricate detail of her wedding gown.

Vicki Belo Vicky Belo wedding gown by michael cinco designer vicki belo instagram scarlet snow belo victoria belo instagram Vicki Belo shows sneak peek of her Michael Cinco wedding gown
Image Credit: @victoria_belo Instagram

She also posted a video of the very elaborate wedding invitation for the Vicki-Hayden nuptials in Paris, France this coming September.

It seems like Vicki and Hayden are not the only ones excited for their church wedding, though. Netizens are also awaiting more details about the wedding and have been posting wedding wishes for the couple.

As for their child Scarlet Snow Belo, we are sure she will have a grand time singing and dancing on the day of her mom and dad’s church wedding.

Vicki and Hayden had their civil wedding in June of this year, in a simple ceremony officiated by Mayor Abby Binay of Makati.

Comments on Dr. Vicki Belo’s Instagram posts

markhartnettt: God bless you both ma’am doc vicky! Power of loveeeee!!! Congrats

raffturla: Congratulations Dra.Belo you are the most lovely bride ever.God bless you always…

tulipssslove: OMG!!! I LOVE YOU DOC! SUPER CLASSY!!!

parismcbride4115: @victoria_belo I’m very sure pinaka beautiful po ang wedding gown nyo (your wedding gown will be the most beautiful)

eoconer75: Congrats to your up coming wedding Dr. Belo… more blessings, good health, & wonderful years of raising your little daughter #scarletsnowbelo. Seen all your IG videos of your bachelorette party that your older daughter Cristalle, she’s so creative & beautiful. God bless always Dr. Belo & Dr. Hayden…

janefrongoso:Congrats @victoria_belo … deserve to be happy? love love love

itsme.peachy: Wow mr.cinco gagawa ng wedding gown expctd na yan na subrang gnda yan (Mr. Cinco will make your wedding gown, that’s expected to be very beautiful) like marian and rochelle,,? congratz @victoria_belo for your wedding… Godblessed!?

veronica_lewis101: You deserve to be happy po @victoria_belo coz you are so nice inside out

markcatanddt: Exciting that you have 1 of the greats doing your dress

jhochanjp: Am excited too DraIt will be fabulous and stunning?? Michael Cinco creation How I wish I can wear that kind of gown too on my wedding day

zac_ethan_skye: Haha I am more excited on what Scarlet would wear

Update (September 4, 2017): Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho wedding

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