Wil Dasovich Cancer: Chances of Survival

How Wil Dasovich is coping with his recent cancer revelation. Talks about survival, faith...

by Jessie Mendoza

Wil Dasovich, age 26, recently published a YouTube video titled My Chances of Survival (The Staging Process) showing him undergoing a PET-MRI (positron emission tomography-magnetic resonance imaging).

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Image Credit: Wil Dasovich

What stage of cancer

The procedure was done to determine at what stage Wil Dasovich cancer is. Since the results of the PET-MRI are still being processed, Wil does not know what stage his cancer is at this time.

Knowing the chances at each stage of cancer, Wil said that he would “gladly take a serious case of stage 3”. He knows it will be hard too, and that there is no guarantee of survival but all he wants is “a fighting chance.”

Though Wil Dasovich cancer is not determined at this point, he knows that the cancer is somewhere in his colon area. This affirms our earlier impression that Wil Dasovich may have colon cancer, which is lumped under the general term “colorectal” cancer.

Raising awareness to inspire others

Wil Dasovich said he wants to document all that he’s undergoing to raise awareness about the kind of cancer he has. He said, “No matter how terrifying and how frightened I am of this whole experience, it’s something I still have the courage to document because I really believe that this is something I can get through. If I do get through this and document it, I think it can be a very big inspiration to other people who are going through cancer currently – not just cancer only, any ailment.”

In the video description, Wil wrote: “We know it’s cancer but the next steps are to figure out how developed it is and what stage it is at. Another day at UCSF with the fambam getting the pet scan, CT scan MRI, etc. Thank you to everyone who shared my video and subcribed. It’s the smallest things like that which can make me so happy and take away my thoughts from the illness. These last couple days have been great and I am loving all the support and positive responses. We got this fam! #1MforWil Vlog 383”

Power of positive thinking and cancer recovery

In his latest video, Wil said that he had to undergo 4 procedures that day. His parents, Steve Dasovich (father) and Charry Dasovich (mother), were with him at the hospital.

As they waited for each of the procedure to begin, the vlogger that is Wil emerged. He edited videos on his laptop, in-between procedures.

With his usual sense of humor, a scream sound effect accompanied the shot showing the hospital bill for the procedures: $15,743.65.

Coping with physical illness; Spiritual beliefs

Of all the procedures he underwent, Wil found the PET-MRI to be the toughest, mentally and physically, because he had to basically stay still for about an hour “confined” in the machine. For a person as hyper as Wil, that’s plain torture, so to speak.

Wil also said he can’t see a thing during the PET-MRI because there are things in front of him, (technically called Radio frequency or RF coils and gradient coils) near his face.

When the radiation hit Wil’s stomach, he said he felt like he was “gonna throw up” because it hit him hard. He said he started salivating but he was glad he got through it.

The former ABS-CBN Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate said he still has a lot of things he wants to accomplish in his life. And though he gets lots of support, one thing that might stop him is “the struggle within” himself.

Wil Dasovich said, “There’s that wall of doubt I face inside of me that sometimes weighs me down and I can’t continue to let that weigh me down. I have to pull my life closer to God. I have to seek Your word. I have to trust in His vision and I know that this is all happening for a great reason… If I wasn’t facing doubt, if I didn’t have struggle… I wouldn’t be thinking how I’m thinking.”

In the video, Wil’s sister Haley Dasovich, who is also a popular YouTube vlogger, provided some respite from Wil’s struggle with her lively chat.

But getting into a serious mode, the 26-year old Wil Dasovich admits that thinking about his chances of survival gets to him and said he is very scared.

“All of this is very scary to me. I’m not ready for all of this, all just happened like that and all of a sudden, you know, it’s real.”

Despite being scared, he says he is positive while he’s waiting for the results to know what stage his cancer is at.

PET-MRI scans are usually interpreted by a nuclear medicine physician and results are sent within 24-48 hours, according to petscaninfo.

Overwhelmed by the support and public response

Wil Dasovich thanked all those who supported him in his struggle, saying that he was overwhelmed and very happy with the response of the public to his video titled “The Doctor Finally Told Me (BAD NEWS)”, which had gone viral with over 1.8 millions views as of this writing.

He said he made it his job in the past few days to read and respond to messages sent his way, and said sorry to those he hasn’t replied to yet because of the massive number of messages he got.

He was glad of the hashtag #1MForWil and reiterated his dream of getting 1 million subscribers.

Subscribers continued to show their support to Wil by posting comments on his latest video. A lot of them shared their personal experience as well as their friends or relatives with colon cancer, internal bleeding, or other forms of cancer.

Many commenters suggested herbal or alternative remedies like guyabano, juicing, healthier diet, and a lot more.

Jako de Leon, Wil’s friend and co-VlogSquad member, expressed his sentiments on Twitter about Wil Dasovich cancer. He said he was a total mess after learning about Wil’s illness. He is also currently campaigning for Wil to get 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Currently, Wil has over 692K subscribers. Only 308K subs to go.

Another VlogSquad member, Baninay Bautista, went on YouTube to greet Wil a Happy Birthday (which is today, August 26). Baninay tearfully told her subscribers that she was one of the first people who talked to Wil after his recent cancer revelation on his YouTube video.

Wiping her tears every now and then, Baninay said she was surprised because Wil is such a health buff. He always advised her on how to be healthy.

As to whether Wil’s childhood friend Zac Efron (yes, the Hollywood star) has contacted him, we don’t have any hint of that yet.

At the end of Wil’s video he said, “This isn’t over, it’s only the beginning. It’s gonna be a long journey, but we’ll go through it.”

Symptoms: How to tell if you have Colon Cancer

In case Wil Dasovich’s cancer is indeed colon cancer, here’s what you should know about it.

Colorectal cancer (colon cancer and rectal cancer) is the third most common cancer in the world. More patients are diagnosed with colon cancer than rectal cancer. The risk for developing colon cancer is 1:23 or 4.5%, according to Colon Cancer Alliance. It is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the US.

Globally, colorectal cancer is projected to increase by 60% “to over 2.2 million new cases and 1.1 million deaths by 2030.

According to Mayo Clinic, symptoms of colon cancer include the following: rectal bleeding or blood in your stool (what Wil Dasovich referred to as internal bleeding); persistent abdominal discomfort like cramps, gas, or pain; change in bowel habits like diarrhea or constipation; change in consistency in stool lastin more than a month; a feeling that “bowel doesn’t empty completely”; fatigue or weakness; and unexplained weight loss.

For Wil Dasovich cancer, his most obvious complaint was internal bleeding, abdominal pain, and weight loss.

No symptoms can be detected in the early stages, that’s why it is imperative to have screening, so that precancerous polyps can be removed.

Although incidence rates of colon cancer for people above 50 are decreasing (probably because colon screening tests are usually done at age 50), incidence rates among people “below” 50 are increasing. Younger people getting colon cancer increased by 22% from 2000 to 2013, according to cancer.org.

The Continuous Update Project (CUP) panel judged that there is “convincing evidence” that the following factors contribute to increased risk for colon cancer and rectal cancer:

  • Consumption of red meat (beef, veal, pork, lamb, mutton, goat, horse)
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks
  • Body fatness
  • Abdominal fatness
  • and adult attained height

On the other hand, the CUP panel also found convincing evidence that physical activity and consumption of foods high in “dietary fibre” protect against colon and rectal cancer. “Garlic, milk and calcium probably protect” against the same.

CUP is funded by the World Cancer Research Fund International. It is a program which is aimed to analyze global research on how diet, nutrition, physical activity and weight affect cancer risk and survival.

Studies associate a typical Western diet, high in saturated fats and low in fiber, to the increased colon cancer risk. Other factors associated with colon cancer are a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, obesity, and smoking.

To Wil, Happy Birthday and hats off to your efforts in documenting your experience about cancer. We will continue to support you and pray for your recovery.

Inspiring thoughts from Wil’s fans

Joshua Andres: This is important! The doctors are going to tell you to undergo colectomy most probably but please please don’t. The colon will never reconnect. It would lead to a more serious damage. There are people who have survived colon cancer just by juicing and getting rid of red meats, junk food and everything fried and fatty.

If you want fish, cook it by steaming. You can only drink water and fresh juices. And it’s cheaper than all those hospital thingys… Vegetables, fruits especially kiwi’s and guyabanos are good for you! Broccoli and a glass of Carot juice a day is the best. You can include apples when you’re juicing carrots.

That’s way better. It is the easiest cancer to beat! Exercise because it would help boost your metabolism. And 8-9 hours of sleep a day is very important. Do not ever overwork yourself. Think as if you don’t have cancer and you’re just going to live a healthier life. Continue vlogging. Continue doing what you love doing. Sincerely, a colon cancer survivor.

jun813: Damn bro so sad to hear. My friend also got diagnosed with colon cancer late last year and underwent 3 major colonic surgeries this year alone. So far he’s doing good and on the road to recovery. Just keep your head up. You can go through all this. Keep in mind there are so many people who’s praying for you, not just your family and friends, but your fans as well.

Christine Jeon: I can’t believe despite his condition he still vlogs and edits for us. That’s how much he loves his subscribers. Please rest. We love you.

Brian Acabado: I think Wil got colon cancer. He mentioned about mestastic which is more known as Stage IV colon cancer.

Arnold Jayme: What kind of cancer do you have? Colon cancer?

Cristine Guerrero: Hi Wil! Hope you’re getting better! Don’t lose hope babe! My dad has stage 3 colon cancer, and he is a survivor! Don’t stop praying, keep believing and fight! You’ll get through it! Hugs to Dasofam!!

Paul ibay: Happy birthday kuya Wil. My dad also has cancer. Eat guyabano. They say it’s good for people with cancer… #1MilForWil

Lavender blossoms: I drank glasses of turmeric with bit of pepper 3x a week when I had my cancer. I am a survivor for 2 years now. I feel what you feel in a way, you felt like you suddenly lost the time to accomplish your life goals. But dont be disheartened. Never let it stop you from enjoying life and living it.

Lavender blossoms: Cancer is so freakin expensive. I lost about P100,000 plus for the surgeries I’ve had. I got my staging on my 2nd surgery. I had multiple biopsies. After my surgeries, I did frequent visits to my doctor and he’s in Manila and I am in Visayas. So overall it was more than P100,000. It sucks, it is expensive. but it is part of the process. Stay strong. Your family and your supporters love you.

Denny: I am actually going to get a CT scan, as well, on wednesday, Will. It’s for a different reason. My doctor is still trying to figure out what is really happening to me and seeing this video makes me more positive. I hope it’s just nothing. Anyway, whatever the result may be, stay strong. You can kick the cancer out! #1MforWil God Bless!

Shishi Lacandazo: Hi Wil! I’ve been watching your vlogs since then. I’m really shocked when I watched your video about your illness. I’m from Philippines. My mom also had a cancer. Stage 3, luckily, she survived. I know you can fight for that cancer! You will not leave us right? Fighting!

Kazandra Vitug: Hey Wil! My mother’s patient had cancer a year ago and she just ate and ate and ate guyabano. And guess what? She beat the cancer cells! I hope you’ll get well soon! We love youu!

Alice Gardner: Have a happy birthday. My sister’s mother-in-law had lukemia. She did juicing and no meat and little portions of baked and broiled fish. She is now cancer free and she attributed it to prayers and diet. Hope you’ll give it a try.

Rea Villareal: I’m still not used to watching u like this. I miss the super energetic tsonggo in you. But I know you CANcervive (can survive)! I know you’re the kind of person who does not give up. Nope. There’s no “give up” phrase in your vocabulary. Philippines is waiting for you! Pagaling ka (Get well soon). Don’t be afraid. God is always with you. He will never leave you. You’ll get through this. Happy Birthday, Wil! Love you!

Maria’s Choice: Please beat that evil cancer with prayer and by being positive, Wil Dasovich! I was also diagnosed with cancer (soft tissue sarcoma, stage 4) 10 years ago and by God’s mercy, I’m still alive. Keep that positive attitude. PRAY. Pray a lot. And in Jesus Name, you will be healed!

The Little Pigs: Kuya Wil, you might also want to check modern cancer hospitals in China. Read the reviews of the cancer patients. Try to look for their facebook page, please. It might help you in case the hospital in China are better than there.

Jo Barrios: Wil, I have a friend currently diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 3) and has just finished surgery and chemotherapy. She is on her last 2 weeks of radiotherapy, I showed her your video for inspiration. I know you still have a long journey ahead, surround yourself with positive people and family.

Always smile and laugh. Be optimistic. And ask for God’s miracle! Besides staging of the cancer, you should also know which type of cancer it is, how aggressive and how responsive it is with treatment. Prognosis now is better even with stage 3 cancers.

Yao Ming: Take a break of youtube. Stress is one of the reasons they have cancer.

oldschool1: Cancer hit my family hard, also, I’ll be praying for you, Wil. From San Diego, CA.

Cathy Santiago: Happy birthday Wil! Fight against cancer, you’ll get through this.

BernyAV: I don’t know if it’s relevant or not, but my mom had stage IIb cervical cancer in 1982. Back then cervical cancer was a death sentence. But guess what; she survived. With treatment of course. She died in 2001 at aged 63, no connection with the cancer though.

Chibay Chronicles: Heeey happy birthday, Wil! My aunt survived 2 cancers in her lifetime. You can do it, too!

Golden Mae Pomarejo: We all understand what you’re going through…please check how cannabis oil fight cancer, just consider my research. It also mentioned that there are foods you can take to fight cancer.

Grace Alba: Hoping that there’s a way that your cancer, be cure. God bless you, Wil.

Team 4 girls: Kuya Wil, keep fighting and don’t think that you have cancer. And you can survive, we know.

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