How Wil Dasovich plans to beat cancer

Wil Dasovich made a list on how he will beat cancer.

by Jessie Mendoza

Cancer may have just met its match: YouTuber Wil Dasovitch, who just recently laid out his plan to beat it.

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In his latest video titled “THIS IS THE HARDEST PART (How I’ll Beat Cancer), the ever positive YouTuber has shown to the world what a fighter he is.

Wil described the video with the following words: “The process of beating cancer will not be easy but this is how I plan on surviving. This is the hardest part – waiting. Vlog 384”

Though being diagnosed with cancer will certainly dampen the spirit of anyone, Wil shows that he is not about to raise the white flag this early.

Just by the title of his video, Wil Dasovich, age 26 , has issued a declaration – that he will beat cancer.

He said in his video that he has “a big battle ahead” of him and that to win it, he has to “stay focused on things that will help” him win.

Here’s Wil’s List on how he will beat cancer:

Stay Healthy

First on his list, is to stay healthy. Wil showed his usual stretching routine, combined with body exercises. He expects his energy to go down once he receives medical treatments for his cancer, so he said he wants to make the most out of it while he can.

Wil Dasovich said exercising also leads him to healthy eating. He also knows that he will lose weight in the future so he said he will bulk up and said with so much gusto, ” to eat as much as I can”.

He sees the irony in the fact that he used to endorse healthy brands as an ad model before. For a minute, the vlogger in Wil kicked in, emphasizing the need for life insurance and endorsing Philamlife.

But in fairness, Wil made a sound advice when it comes to insurance. He made a valid point when he said,” i think it makes it even more vital, with the possibilities out there of this happening no matter how young and healthy you are.”

Continue to Have Goals

Wil Davosich says any goal will keep one going. He said, “The best way to stay productive is to have an incentive to work towards”.

The passionate Fil-American vlogger said one of his goals is to go for gold, that means, 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Wil is 232K subs short of 1 million at this time.

He clarified that’s not his ultimate goal or dream, though.

Wil said he is already living his ultimate dream – that of being a vlogger. He wants to “keep it going and continue living this”.

He said, “Simply put, the goal is to make meaningful content, that I can reach and inspire as many people as possible. The gold Play button is just a physical, additional incentive.”

Wil explained, “Vlogging is my art, it’s what keeps me going and it’s also therapeutic.” He said his viewers are just like psychiatrists who listen and not talk back.

YouTube is different from social media, according to Wil, since it is a video-sharing platform where creators like him make meaningful content. When a channel reaches 100K subscribers, one gets a silver play button. Wil got his silver last year.

YouTube awards channels with 1 million subscribers with a big gold play button, which Wil said is made of real gold.

FYI though, the play button is 24K gold plated and as such contains some 15 to 20% gold on the surface. But it’s not really solid gold.

For someone who is relatively new to YouTube (Wil started his channel in November 2014), Wil found the idea of getting 1 million subscribers quite ridiculous at that time. The Philippines’ most popular vlogger, Lloyd Cadena, had about half a million subscribers when Wil started out.

Wil has now surpassed Lloyd in terms of channel views and subscribers.

Have Fun and Stay Positive

“When in this situation, you just have to have fun. Find positivity wherever it may be”, says Wil.

He explains that he stays social and gets a ton of moral support from his viewers, subscribers, as well as friends and relatives who talk to him or visit him.

As a matter of fact, the popular YouTubers of the Philippines and viewers he inspired made a 34 minute video with greetings for Wil’s birthday on August 26.

The video titled “Biggest YouTube Collab Ever For Wil #VlogSquad (Happy Birthday Wil)” was aired on Erwan Heussaff’s and Daniel Marsh’ channel.

He was also mentioned on the channel of itsJudysLife, where Judy supported Wil’s goal of reaching 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

But most of all, it is Wil’s immediate family who gives him solace and comfort in his current predicament.

According to Wikipedia, Wil Dasovich was born and raised in San Francisco, California, USA. His parents are Steve Dasovich and Charry Dasovich, and his sister is vlogger Haley Dasovich. All of his next of kin are all out in showing their support for Wil, including her aunt, journalist-broadcaster Karen Davila.

Wil’s family are now trying to go vegan or “seagan” (as Wil calls it) since the diagnosis of his cancer, and thus his visitors mostly bring veggies and fruits for the whole Dasofam (Dasovitch family).

It’s also important to keep the mind busy and not dwell on things, “because the hardest part of all this is when your mind starts to wander off,” Wil says.

When you start to think about the what ifs, it could bring you down. He said one has to block off all negative thoughts and “Continue to do things and distract yourself”.

Mixing Nature with Exercise

Wil said that he and his father bike at their backyard and across the wetlands everyday.

He cited the importance of going out and enjoying nature, for it gives ” a different vibe, good energy, and spiritual stuff.”.

Trust, Faith, and Prayers

“Tiwala lang mga bes, manalangin tayo, you already know, alam mo na.” (Just believe friends, let’s pray, you already know.)

Indeed, many people are praying for Wil to overcome this period in his life.

Those are the key points, so far, that Wil made in his video as to how he will beat cancer.

At the end of his vlog, he was very excited to say that someone will come visit him all the way from the Philippines.

Wil did not say who it will be, but a lot of the commenters think his visitor would be Filipina cosplay model and TV presenter, Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Wil Dasovich Cancer: Symptoms and Prognosis

Wil Dasovich has not exactly specified his cancer, but judging from his words and his uncle in his latest video, he has colon cancer. The symptoms he complained about in his earlier videos are some of the classic symptoms of colon cancer: internal bleeding (evidenced by bloody stools), abdominal pain, and unexplained loss of weight.

He had internal bleeding at the start of 2017 and went to the doctor when his abdominal pains started to intensify. After two doctors in the Philippines failed to ease his symptoms, Wil decided to go back to his home in San Francisco, California for a series of medical diagnostic tests.

He revealed on his vlog titled “The Doctor Finally Told Me (Bad News)” that he had cancer. A succeeding video showed him undergoing another round of tests to determine what stage his cancer is at.

As of this writing, the results of his PET-MRI has not yet been revealed. Wil said in a previous video that he would be thankful if his cancer is even Stage 3. Because, that would at least give him a fighting chance.

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