Haley Dasovich speaks out about brother Wil Dasovich cancer

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Wil Dasovich's elder sister Haley Dasovich finally talks about his battle with cancer…

How Haley Dasovich is coping with brother’s battle with cancer

8 days after Wil Dasovich revealed to the world that he has cancer, his sister Haley Dasovich uploaded a video on YouTube talking about how she is coping with Wil’s struggle.

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Wil Dasovich was diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks ago and Haley is speaking out about it just now. She loves Wil so much and we understand that she needed time to think things through and let everything settle before she talks about it in public.

Many people have been waiting for Haley Dasovich’s new video and finally it’s here. Her new YouTube video titled, “My Brother Has Cancer”, has gained attention and is full of information we all want to know about how the Dasovich family is coping with Wil’s cancer.

Wil Dasovich revealing his cancer to sister Haley Dasovich

Haley: Why are you vlogging my vlogging right now?

Wil: You don’t want to know why I’m vlogging right now.

Haley: Oh no. What did we find out? What other bad stuff do we have right now?

Wil: You’re not gonna believe it.

Haley: What?

Wil: I have cancer.

Haley: What? Seriously?

Wil: Yeah.

Haley: What are we gonna do about that?

Wil: I don’t know, dude. Like father like son.

Haley: Wait, what are we gonna do about it?

Steve Dasovich (Wil and Haley’s father): We’ll explain all that.

Haley: Okay, I’m turning the vlog off.

Haley Dasovich reaction to Wil Dasovich cancer

For someone who loves a family member dearly, Haley Dasovich found herself lost for words the moment she learned that the diagnosis for beloved brother Wil is cancer. As to what type of cancer Wil has, none in their family has actually revealed it, except for a casual joke by their Uncle in one of Wil’s vlogs. Since Wil keeps talking about his colon area, the speculation is that he has colon cancer.

For Haley, Wil is one of the health-conscious people she knows. Wil is young and is dedicated to taking care of his health by exercising, eating health foods, watching his diet; and tracking carbs, protein, and veggies on the food he eats. It’s not only Haley who thinks this way towards Wil. Even Wil’s fans / viewers think the same.

In this day and age, the health buffs are everywhere but we rarely see those health fanatics who truly live the way they tell others to live. With Wil, on and off cam, he lives a healthy lifestyle.

And this makes it hard for Haley Dasovich to grasp that Wil is ill. Wil promotes clean living. He loves his body. He doesn’t even smoke and he loves green tea.

Haley: He can’t possibly have cancer… but he can… and he does.

People who have been in the same situation as Haley know how much effort you need to carry the baggage and at the same time, stay strong as you fix things together.

But in the end, you become a stronger person when you learn to accept the truth and choose to face the trials with your head up high and go on with life.

Haley: It’s never easy having someone close to you tell you they have cancer. And if you’ve experienced that before then you know you’ll never shake the feeling that you got. It’s a feeling of this mirror and awful possibility turning into a cold, hard fact.

…and when he told me, suddenly, all of these memories came back with a sharpness and clarity and I felt like I was going through a whirlwind of our recent year we spent together creating videos and traveling together. And it was also extremely petrifying to come to the sudden realization that your worst fears could come true. And my worst fear has always been about what I would do if I lost my brother in any way.

…hearing about my brother was a whole new threat of an experience and nothing anyone said to me could make me feel better. There are no words of wisdom to fix it and in that moment, you just feel helpless because there’s nothing you can do about it. You don’t have any control.

According to Haley Dasovich, Wil isn’t the first to have cancer in their family. He’s actually the second one. Three and a half years ago, their dad, Steve Dasovich, was diagnosed with cancer as well.

It makes them well-versed in cancer treatment and process. It’s a good thing that their family is composed of very strong and positive-minded people. They will help Wil in every way they can. They will support him because they always do things together.

Haley: …that moment when my family walked in the kitchen and told me the news, about a minute and a half later, I ran upstairs and I came into my room and I just cried. I silently cried for like a good minute or so. And I realized that that’s not what Wil needs right now and I needed to hold it together at least for now and stand up tall and go downstairs so I took a few breaths. And as I was walking downstairs I kept repeating to myself, “Whatever you do, don’t cry. Be strong and whatever you do, make sure that you are being strong in the moment.”

When someone you love has cancer

If there’s someone who would iterate better how to cope when a family member has cancer, it’s the people who are in that same situation.

Haley Dasovich’s message is gold. It’s full of very helpful advice to encourage anyone how to stand amidst life-changing adventures.

Haley: …and I’ll admit it. I get scared. Sometimes I think about the possibility of losing him of something else going wrong and it makes me panic and riddles me with anxiety and just gives me like this horrible, sickening feeling. Then I realized it’s stupid to do that. It’s stupid to think any of that because we never know what the future holds for us. You never really know if you’re gonna lose anyone so we have to make the most out of the time that we are here.

Haley Dasovich ultimate advice

Haley, like her brother, is very positive despite what their family is going through. Her carefully crafted message will boost anyone’s mood because it’s not only enlightening, but it’s realistic.

Haley: We can’t ever know what the future holds but we do know that in this life, this brief and very temporary time that we have on this amazing, amazing place, this beautiful earth, it’s very special. We should all be grateful for everything that we have and we should make the most out of the simplest pleasures of life and especially make the most out of the people we’re surrounded by.

What we can learn from Wil Dasovich

When Wil Dasovich revealed to us all that he has cancer, he was glowing with positivity. He’s courageous enough to admit that he’s scared but at the same time, he assured everyone that he’s a strong person and he can’t be put down just like that, especially by cancer.

We have so much respect with Wil’s attitude towards his battle with cancer and it’s true, he will always be a hyper, super fun guy.

The comments being left on Wil and Haley’s channels are moving and it’s nice to see that their hard work to spread the message about coping with cancer, is touching the lives of other people suffering from that experience.

Haley: Fear is what motivates our behaviors and many of the decisions that we have made, or haven’t made in our life. And my brother Wil has conquered fear itself. He lives a life without fear of failure and without fearing the world. We have a lot to learn from him. As he says, “Do what you fear and love to love it.” He’s been diagnosed, for crying out loud. He hasn’t shown any fear about that. If he is fearing or scared or frightened, he hasn’t showed that at all.

How is Wil Dasovich as a brother

Wil Dasovich’s friends and fans know him very well as a nice, hyper and super fun guy. But to Haley, what the public sees on Wil’s videos are just the tip of the iceberg.

Haley: …he made me laugh the most. He’s the funniest person in the world to me. I mean, you guys watch his videos and you think he’s funny on his videos, he’s even funnier in real life.

Who is Haley Dasovich

Haley Dasovich is a YouTuber / Travel Vlogger just like her brother Wil Dasovich. She has a close bond with Wil. They are bestfriends and they share a lot of memories and adventures together.

According to Wil, Haley talks a lot. No wonder she makes a great vlogger. She’s articulate and knows her stuff. Thanks to Wil for convincing Haley to join the Youtube world, we don’t only have one Dasovich who showcases the beauty of the Philippines, but we have two of them doing it.

Haley: About six months after my brother and I filmed our first couple videos together, he convinced me to join the YouTube world. And I did. If it wasn’t for my brother, I would have never been able to take a leap of faith, the biggest risk I’ve ever taken in my career and experience life in the most exhilirating and exhausting way alongside my best friend and my brother.

Haley Dasovich age

Many have been asking how old Haley Dasovich is. She said she’s older than Wil. According to her “FAMILY FIRST (ft. my brother Wil Dasovich)” video, she has 3 years until she’s 30, so that makes her age 27 right now. Also, on Haley Dasovich Facebook fan page, it says there that her birthday is on March 3, 1990. (Source)

So, no, Wil Dasovich and Haley Dasovich aren’t twins. Though Wil uploaded the “Half Filipino Twins (Fil-Am American Sister Visits Philippines)” video, he wrote on the video description: “For the people who read the descriptions, we aren’t really twins! Guess who is older?”

Haley: …it’s this new millennial stuff. Actually, you know what? I’m almost 30. We’re not millennials anymore. I mean, I have 3 years until I’m 30…

Wil celebrated his birthday on August 26 and he turned 26 years old.

Haley: I never felt like I was his protector or like I was his pacemaker or even his role model. We’re so close an age that we denitely played that role for each other.

The strong family tie that binds Haley and Wil Dasovich together is lovely to watch. That special bond between them is what makes viewers hooked in their relationship as siblings. They are such a big inspiration and good role models when it comes to appreciating, supporting, and enjoying your moments with your siblings.

Haley: We also shared many of the same interests and beliefs but that meant that we also wanted to include each other in all of our adventures growing up and that’s still true to this day… The best memories I have in my life are with my brother going out and doing crazy stuff and documenting it and making videos.

A little trivia. Karen Davila, a Filipino journalist, radio broadcaster, newsreader and television presenter, is Wil and Haley’s aunt on their mother’s side. Karen’s sister is Charry Dasovich, the mom of Wil and Haley. Wil Dasovich uploaded a video on YouTube of him with his tita Karen here titled “Karen Davila (Meet My Malupit Tita).”

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