Scarlet Snow insists her surname is Belo, not Kho

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Read and watch how Scarlet Snow insists that her surname is Belo, not Kho.

Scarlet Snow Belo Kho, one of the most followed celebrity babies on Instagram and daughter of Vicki Belo-Kho and Hayden Kho, is showing how smart she’s becoming with each passing day.

Hayden Kho carrying Scarlet Snow Belo on his shoulders scarlet snow belo instagram scarlet snow belo kho scarlet snow belo scarlet snow belo surname scarlet snow surname vicki belo hayden kho scarlet snow surname scarlet snowImage Credit: Hayden Kho Instagram @dochayden

In a recent post shared on Vicki Belo’s Instagram, Scarlet is shown having a serious conversation with her father, Hayden Kho.

The father and daughter were talking about Scarlet Snow’s new surname, “Kho”.

Since Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho are already married (via a grand wedding in Paris), Scarlet Snow is now legally Scarlet Snow Belo Kho.

Hayden had been trying to explain this to two-year-old Scarlet Snow, but she does not seem to like the idea of using Kho as her surname.

Hayden Kho talking with Scarlet Snow Belo about her surname scarlet snow belo instagram scarlet snow belo kho scarlet snow belo scarlet snow belo surname scarlet snow surname vicki belo hayden kho scarlet snow surname scarlet snowImage Credit: Vicki Belo Instagram @victoria_belo

Here’s how the conversation went on, between father and daughter, with some words from Vicki Belo-Kho, whose voice can be heard in the background.:

Hayden Kho: “No, no, no, I received an invitation that says Dr. Hayden Kho, Dr. Vicki Belo, and Scarlet Snow Belo Kho.”

Scarlet Snow: “No, not Scarlet Snow Belo Kho!”

Hayden: “Are you my daughter?”

Scarlet: “Yes.”

Hayden: “What’s my name?”

Scarlet Snow: “Hayden Kho”

Hayden: “How about mommy?”

Scarlet Snow: “Mommy Kho”

Hayden: “Eh, how about you?”

Dr. Vicki jokingly says, “Anak Kho!”

Scarlet Snow: “No. I’m Scarlet Snow Belo only!”

Vicki: “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand. Was that English?”

Dr. Hayden Kho tries to explain the new surname to Scarlet Snow again.

Hayden: (mildly laughing) “If I’m Kho and Mommy is Kho, then you’re also Kho.”

Scarlet Snow: “No, I’m not (shaking her head).”

She then points to her father and mother and says, “You’re only Kho and you’re only Kho. I’m not Kho. I’m Scarlet Snow Belo only.”

Hayden: “I’m confused, what’s my last name?”

Scarlet Snow: “Kho”

Hayden: “Oh, how about mommy?”

Scarlet Snow: “Children”

The two-year-old tyke then munched on a cookie, as if to signal that’s that.

Everytime Scarlet Snow insists that she’s Scarlet Snow Belo only, she tilts her head all the way back, probably to emphasize her point and to express her exasperation with the issue.

Watch Hayden Kho and Scarlet Snow argue over the “Kho” surname

@scarletsnowbelo in a serious conversation with daddy @dochayden .

A post shared by Vicki Belo, M.D. (@victoria_belo) on

Actually, it’s not the first time that Scarlet Snow expressed her refusal to change her surname to Kho.

Less than a week after the Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho wedding in Paris on September 2, Hayden posted a video on his Instagram account. He described the video with the words: “Daddy Role #1: Assume the role as head of the family”.

The video started with Hayden Kho telling Scarlet Snow, ” Do you know that your new name is Scarlet Snow Belo Kho?”

Her daughter adamantly answered, “No, Scarlet Snow Belo only!”

When asked who the boss of the family is, Scarlet Snow Belo said she is. She then said that her daddy is a “children” and so is her mom.

Daddy Role #1: Assume the role as head of the family.

A post shared by Hayden Kho, jr, M.D. (@dochayden) on

Scarlet Snow Belo is only 2 and a half years old, but she is already showing a strong sense of identity. Her wit also shows through her answers to questions thrown at her.

We wonder how long it would take for Hayden Kho to convince her daughter that her surname is already Kho, and not Belo?

With more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Scarlet Snow continues to be a “happy pill” for thousands of people. Her videos are almost always viral, with more than 100,000 views in just a few hours, even if the videos are posted on Vicki Belo’s Instagram or Hayden Kho’s Instagram.

We can hardly wait for her next serious conversation with her parents and other adults surrounding her. She’s such a joy to watch!

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