Nadine Lustre brother died by suicide

Nadine Lustre brother died by suicide says QCPD. His family has no clue about his depression.

by Jessie Mendoza

Nadine Lustre brother died on the night of October 7. Isaiah Lustre (age 16) committed suicide in his room, says Quezon City Police Department (QCPD). They recovered an empty shell of a .38 caliber gun at the scene.

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While playing games on their gadget, Nadine Lustre’s sister Naomi and brother Ezekiel heard two gunshots coming from Isaiah’s room. They went to Isaiah’s room and found him lying on the floor. They immediately sought help from neighbors.

With the help of his siblings, Isaiah Lustre was rushed to Pacific Global Medical Center but he didn’t make it.

Nadine Lustre (age 23) finally spoke out about her brother’s death on October 12. She turned to Instagram and posted an Instagram Story saying:

“Hi. May I request to please refrain from posting / reposting photos and videos of me from the funeral. Let’s give respect. This is for everyone. Thank you.”

According to Nadine Lustre’s siblings Naomi and Ezekiel, they had no idea what was going on with Isaiah. He never talked to them about what was bothering him. Although for the past weeks, they noticed that Isaiah was sad and irritable. He isolated himself in his room.

Nadine Lustre’s aunt Nona Clemente also said that Isaiah had been using the hashtag “keepgoing” (#keepgoing) and the semicolon symbol. The semicolon symbolizes that someone’s story is not yet over. This symbol is used by the Project Semicolon, a non-profit American mental health organization.

Project Semicolon encourages people suffering depression to seek help to prevent suicidal thoughts and to continue fighting.

Nadine Lustre’s father Ulysses Lustre was convinced that his son Isaiah committed suicide. For him, there’s no need for an investigation into Isaiah’s death.

Depression is no joke. People who say they are depressed should be taken seriously. Even if they say they aren’t, if you see signs like they are unusually sad, talk about hopelessness, start isolating themselves from family and friends or engage in self-harm, do not mock them. Instead, help them by being there for them. Make them talk about what’s bothering them.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. Let’s take depressed people seriously because they need help. Did you know that we have a hotline for depression? Call HOPELINE at (02) 804-46-73. For Globe and TM subscribers, call the toll free hotline at 0917-558-4673 or 2919.

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