Xander Ford denies arrogance issue on Ogie Diaz FB post

Xander Ford before and after. From Marlou to Xander Ford. Is it true that Xander Ford is arrogant?

by Jessie Mendoza

Xander Ford before and after is unbelievable. Xander Ford (age 20), formerly known as Marlou Arizala, is someone who got bullied for his looks before. And now he’s a new man after his plastic surgery.

xander ford before and after xander ford marlou marlou arizala who is xander ford xander ford instagram marlou to xander ford xander ford age ogie diaz facebook xander ford arrogantImage Credit: iamxanderford Instagram

His face totally is different than before. But has his attitude changed, too?

“If you always practice humility, you will notice that people will look at you positively.”

Liza Soberano’s manager, Ogie Diaz, gave Xander Ford an advice to practice humility after his singer friend allegedly saw how Xander Ford talked to a guard when he entered the ABS-CBN lobby. Ogie Diaz posted his conversation with his singer friend on Facebook:

Taping home sweetie home earlier. Guest Si Xander Ford. In the hallway, many took pictures with him.

Kitang-kita ko yon kasama ko ang isang babaing singer. (I saw that he was with a lady singer)
“Kuya Ogie, halika na. Ayoko yan. Hindi ko gusto yan. Mayabang yan.” (Brother Ogie, let’s go. I don’t like that. I don’t like him. He’s arrogant.)
-“Baket mayabang?” (Why is he arrogant?)

“Nakasabay ko yan nung isang araw sa lobby ng ABS-CBN. Lumapit siya sa guwardya, sabi niya, ‘Guard, guard! Papasukin mo ‘ko. Ako si Xander Ford!'”
Ohhh, di ba? Ang syoray ng Lolo Xander n’yo. Hahaha!! ( I ran into him the other day at the ABS-CBN lobby. He approached the guard and said, Guard, guard! Let me in, I’m Xander Ford!” Oh see? Grandpa Xander is so sassy! Hahahaha!)

Marlou to Xander Ford

xander ford before and after xander ford marlou marlou arizala who is xander ford xander ford instagram marlou to xander ford xander ford ageImage Credit: iamxanderford Instagram

The incident that Ogie’s singer friend saw was during Xander Ford’s guesting on the Vice Ganda’s comedy talk show, “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

Xander Ford explained himself on the morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda” and said that his voice is naturally loud. He thinks that this could be the reason why people who witnessed the incident thought he was screaming at the guard. That incident immediately gave people who allegedly witnessed the incident say that he has an “attitude”, since his world turned from Marlou to Xander Ford.

“Gusto ko lang pong sabihin sa lahat na ‘yung guesting ng ‘GGV’ ay okay naman po siya. Na-misunderstand lang po siguro ako ng mga tao doon dahil galing ako sa taping po… Akala lang po talaga ng taong nakarinig sa akin ay sumisigaw ako, pero hindi po talaga.”

[I just wanted to tell everyone that [my] guesting on GGV turned out fine. The people might have misunderstood me because I came from a taping. The people who heard [me] thought I was screaming but I really wasn’t.]

Xander Ford further explained:

“Tinanong lang nila ako kung sino ako at sumagot ako na ako si Xander Ford, pero mataas ang boses ko. Malaki lang po ang boses ko. Siguro po na-misunderstand lang po ng tao noong mga nakakarinig, pero hindi ako sumigaw o nag-attitude.”

[They just asked me who I was and I answered that I am Xander Ford, but my voice was high. I just have a big voice. Maybe people who heard me misunderstood me but I wasn’t screaming or have an attitude.]

Xander Ford’s attitude has become a hot topic for the past few days and because of this, he apologized to the people he might have offended.

“Okay na po, nag-sorry na rin po ako kung may nagawa po akong kasalanan sa kanila. Tama naman po ‘yon, sabi nila kapag pinangarap mo ‘yan, kapag pinasok mo, dapat lagi kang handa at maging humble po.”

[It’s OK now. I also said sorry if I have wronged them. It’s the right thing. They say if it’s your dream, if you’ve put yourself into something, you should always be ready and be humble.]

People on the comment section of Ogie’s Facebook post shared how they think Xander Ford is not humble even during his Marlou Arizala days. But some say he’s just once again being judged by people against him.

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