Why Fumiya Sankai of FumiShun Base loves the Philippines

Watch this very long but touching message from Fumiya Sankai, a famous Japanese YouTuber who showcases the Philippines with 177,000 subscribers.

by Jessie Mendoza

Here’s an excerpt from the video:

To be honest, comparing both countries, Japan has more rich people and is a wealthy country. But when I see the repetitive lives of Japanese salarymen, Japanese people are dying. And when compared to Filipinos, it might be true that not all of them are rich but they are all enjoying their lives. That’s when I thought that this country is living happily. And I quickly fell in love with the Philippines when I went there.

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It might be true that it’s more dangerous than Japan but the people are so nice, cheerful and interesting. Anyway, I really love Filipino personality. When I’m asked why I love the Philippines, of course there are great places, the oceans and beaches are beautiful and a lot more places but I love the Filipinos the most. That’s why I love the Philippines. There are a lot of Filipinos with different personalities but I really love how cheerful and positive they are. That’s why I like you, guys, so much!

Because when it’s in Japan, Japanese people would most likely write bad comments. But Filipinos would comment “Funny!”, “Interesting” or “You’re the best” so I can tell Filipino personality.

Watch the entire video of “Why I love the Philippines” by Fumiya Sankai

Source: FumiShun BASE on YouTube

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