Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla in “The Hows of Us” teaser

KathNiel teaser of Filipino romance drama film "The Hows Of Us" goes viral on Facebook.

by Jessie Mendoza

The teaser for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s (KathNiel) upcoming movie titled “The Hows of Us” has been released by ABS-CBN today, July 28, 2018.

In just 3 hours, the movie teaser has gained more than a 1 million views, over 90,000 shares and 18,000 comments on Facebook.

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The one minute and 25 second teaser shows Kathryn Bernardo (George) and Daniel Padilla (Primo) sitting on a sofa, imagining how they would fill up their house with more furniture and appliances like a 65-inch tv.

Their conversation laid out their dreams and their future plans as a couple.

George went on to say that they will watch Primo’s performances all over the world on that huge tv.

Primo said she should be proud because her partner is a world-class artist.

WATCH: KathNiel in “The Hows of Us” teaser

Not to be outdone, George said Primo would be prouder because the president of his fans club, (which of course would be her) would be a doctor.

Primo then asked “Pano yung mga anak natin?” (How about our kids?) He said they will have six kids and that all of them may be too much for her to handle. Getting closer to George, he said sweetly,”At ayokong napapagod ang Reyna ko.” (But I promise I won’t let my queen get tired).

The teaser then showed a montage of the trials that the couple will encounter in their relationship.

George is shown walking in the rain, her books falling on the road. Getting home tired from school, she seems annoyed when she sees the dining table is a mess.

Next scene shows Primo having a fit in the laundry area, as George watched from a distance.

The worsening situation is mirrored in a dramatic scene where George walks out of the house while it rained. Her actions seem to indicate that she was looking for or running after someone. (Did Primo walk out on her?).

George then cries desperately, while the rain drowned her tears and agony.

As the dramatic scenes unfolded the accompanying dialogue conveyed that George is getting tired of the relationship.

Asked by Primo if she is tired and if she does not want to continue anymore, George says,”Pakiramdam ko sinasayang ko yung buhay ko sa relasyong ‘to”. (I feel like I’m wasting my life in this relationship).

Primo’s soft reply to her painful statement was “Sana noon mo pa sinabi, para hindi ko na rin sinayang oras mo.” (You could have said it sooner. So, I wouldn’t have wasted your time.)

The teaser ends as it comes back to the first scene of George and Primo on the sofa.

As the mellow notes of “Kahit Maputi Na ang Buhok Ko” played in the background, George and Primo are shown hugging each other. Primo plants a soft kiss on George’s left cheek and was about to kiss her on the lips when the screen dissolves into white, followed by the title “The Hows of Us”.

The latest KathNiel film is directed by no less than Cathy Garcia-Molina, who also helmed KathNiel’s movie, “She’s Dating the Gangster” and their tv series, “Got to Believe”. Garcia-Molina also directed the first few weeks of KathNiel’s hit tv series, “Pangako Sa ‘Yo” and “La Luna Sangre”.

Slated for showing in theaters nationwide on August 29, 2018, “The Hows of Us”, will probably be Cathy Garcia-Molina’s last KathNiel film. The famed director is set to retire in 2019 so she could focus on her family.

Watch the “The Hows Of Us” teaser here (link or embed the video)

NOTE: I wanted to screen cap of KathNiel about to kiss, towards the last part of the video since that would be a better picture, but i dunno how.

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