Sharon Cuneta: Never become a bully, protect those who are bullied

Sharon Cuneta teaches her son to be a good person, to not let anyone step on him and to fight like Luke Skywalker.

by Jessie Mendoza

Sharon Cuneta on Instagram:

I once told my son not too long ago: “My love, you are growing up. You’re a big boy now. Now remember this because it is very important that you do: Whenever you do something wrong, recognize it and apologize for it, and try your best not to do it again. And this is super important: Someday, someone might hit you, hurt you in school or anywhere else even if you did nothing to make him do so.

sharon cuneta instagram message to son never bully fight luke skywalker parenting

Tell your teacher and us right away. But if it is too much, or if it happens again, you hit back. And never become a bully – but protect those who are bullied. Then you can bully the bullies. Never start anything bad. But always stand up and fight for yourself especially if you’ve done nothing wrong.

Do not let anyone step on you. Because once you do, they always will. You will have to learn to protect yourself because when you’re older you’ll also have to protect the people you love. But always be the good one. Be really good like Jesus. Don’t ever choose the dark side. And you fight like Luke Skywalker, okay?”

Kasi ganyan ako. Yung sa tama lang. Sabi nila, ang mabait daw masama magalit. Mabait ako. Yun ang pinagmamalaki ko kahit mawala na ang mga material na bagay, yun, sure ako. Kaya lang nga, ayun. I am sorry. It’s true. Masama magalit. Di ko pinagmamalaki yun. Pero dun lang sa totoo. What you see is what you get.

Baka yung iba sa harap lang ng cameras mabait. Pasensya na if nadadala minsan ng damdamin pag OA na ang mga insulto. Lahat tayo tao lang. Goodnight! God bless you all and sweet dreams! Have a really gYOOd (akala niyo di isisingit ha?!!!) day tomorrow! I love you guys. Thank you for choosing me to love and support.

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Source: reallysharoncuneta on Instagram

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