Alden Richards to support until college young fan Niño Dayon

Alden Richards pledged to support the schooling of 8-year-old Niño Dayon, a "Victor Magtanggol" fan, until college.

by Jessie Mendoza

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Actor-singer and Eat Bulaga co-host, Alden Richards (age 26), said he will answer for the schooling of 8-year-old Niño Dayon until college. (Watch the video at the end of this article)

Niño Dayon is an armless but awesome kid from Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, Philippines who is a fan of Alden Richards’ “Victor Magtanggol“, the 2018 Philippine TV action-fantasy series on GMA Network.

Featured on the Philippine TV news magazine show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) hosted by broadcast journalist Jessica Soho (age 54) on August 26, 2018, Niño Dayon was dubbed as Super Niño by the show.

Niño is the dutiful son of sari-sari store (neighborhood sundry store) owner, Michelle Dayon, and truck driver Zyronne Dayon.

Despite being armless due to a congenital disorder called Phocomelia (a condition that involves malformations of the arms and legs), Niño Dayon is active and independent like other normal kids.

He bathes, clothes, and eats by himself, without any assistance from anyone. He said he does not want his family to be burdened by caring for him.

The lack of both arms doesn’t stop Niño Dayon from helping out in household chores and from enjoying activities like biking and swimming.

Niño also loves carpentry and armed with a hammer and other tools, he even makes his own toy cars, since his family cannot afford it.

He is also capable of defending himself and his sister from bullying by other kids.

Best of all, Niño Dayon is a very intelligent kid and is in fact a model and honor student.

Niño Dayon writes with his left leg and wants to become an engineer. He wants to help renovate their house someday.

But his greatest dream is to have hands. He always prays to Jesus to give him hands so he could help his parents.

“Paggising ko po kinabukasan, akala ko may kamay na ako pero wala pa rin pala.”

(When I wake up the next morning, I thought I have hands already, but there’s still none.)

Niño Dayon meets Alden Richards “Victor Magtanggol”

The awe-inspiring Niño Dayon loves Alden Richards’ “Victor Magtanggol” because he says Victor Magtanggol defends people who are harmed or maltreated.

“Yung gamit niya po ay martilyo ni Thor. Parang feeling ko po, pareho kami.” (He uses the hammer of Thor. I feel like we’re the same.)

Since Niño loves watching “Victor Magtanggol” on television and idolizes its lead star, Alden Richards, the “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” team brought him to the set of “Victor Magtanggol” as a surprise.

During their meeting, Alden Richards explained that “Victor Magtanggol” was conceptualized with young viewers in mind, to inspire them to fight whatever problem they may have in their life.

Alden Richards told Niño Dayon:

Daig mo pa si Victor Magtanggol, Niño, grabe ka. Kasi si Victor Magtanggol nasa TV lang e. Ikaw sa totoong buhay e, ‘no?

(You are better than Victor Magtanggol, Niño, you’re too much. Because Victor Magtanggol is just on tv. You are for real.)

Asked what he can say upon meeting his idol Alden Richards, Niño Dayon replied that Alden is kind and handsome.

Alden brought a custom-made chair for Niño, with the last unattached piece hammered in by both of them.

Alden Richards also gave Niño Dayon a replica of his “Victor Magtanggol” weapon, the Mjölnir or the hammer of Thor.

And lastly, Alden Richards gave Niño a gift that will forever change his life for the better – education.

Alden told Niño Dayon’s mother:

Since Grade 3 si Niño, medyo matagal-tagal pa po yung tatakbuhin ng pag-aaral niya ‘no? So ang gagawin ko, sasagutin ko na po yung pag-aaral niya po hanggang college. Hindi na po kayo mamromroblema sa pag-aaral ni Niño, Ma’am. Ako na pong bahala.

(Since Niño is Grade 3, it’s still quite a long way when it comes to his schooling, right? So what I will do, I will answer for his education until college. You will not have to worry about his schooling, Ma’am. I’ll take care of it.)

Alden Richards told Niño Dayon to study well, and assured the kid of his support until he gets a college degree.

The bonding that happened between both “heroes” during their encounter was brief but meaningful, and inspired a lot of viewers.

Alden Richards is best known as the other half of the AlDub love team opposite Maine Mendoza (age 23), which shot to fame in the “Kalyeserye” series of noontime show “Eat Bulaga”.

Alden is currently still a co-host of “Eat Bulaga” and plays the title role of “Victor Magtanggol”, which premiered on July 30, 2018 on GMA Network.

Watch this inspiring story of Niño Dayon by Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

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