Anne Curtis gives advice on depression at ‘AnneKulit’ presscon

Anne Curtis talks about how to overcome depression and anxiety at the 'AnneKulit' concert press conference.

by Jessie Mendoza

Filipino-Australian actress and TV host, Anne Curtis (33 years old), is one of the top online personalities in the Philippines in terms Twitter and Instagram followers. She has 10.5 million followers on Twitter and 9.4 million followers on Intagram.

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Anne Curtis has been in the show business since she was 12 years old and she has overcome several controversies. She has worked on a lot of movies including her new one called ‘BuyBust’, an action film about drug squad members fighting for their lives in a maze-like Manila slum.

During the presscon of her upcoming solo concert and celebration of her 21st year in showbiz called ‘AnneKulit’, Anne Curtis opened up about the time she was depressed.

Anne Curtis:

I’ve had my fair share of depression and anxiety. A lot has to do with, in fact, press, and having the stress of press when I was going through something very, very tough.

I think when you have the perfect support team around you, and you don’t let it eat you up inside, you’ll be able to get through it… I blocked everything. I didn’t open my social media for about a month or two. As in, I blocked everything out.

Anne Curtis urges the people who are experiencing anxiety and depression to seek help and not be ashamed of what yourself is going through.

Anne Curtis:

I think it’s really important to not keep it to yourself. You seek help. You seek help from your friends. Don’t be ashamed. You seek help from your family, from people who love you. You can even seek professional help if you feel uncomfortable talking to family members and friends about it, but the most important thing is to seek help.

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