Exes Baggage (Movie 2018)


Exes Baggage (2018) starring Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino.

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Startattle.comExes Baggage movie.

Film and TV actress Angelica Panganiban and actor Carlo Aquino bring excitement on their new romantic-comedy comeback movie, the ‘Exes Baggage’. [ref]

Exes Baggage movie

Fragile. Handle with care. #ExesBaggageTeaser [Exes Baggage Teaser] [Black Sheep Philippines]

Exes Baggage release date

  • September 26, 2018: Philippines

Exes Baggage movie details

  • Genre: Drama / Romance/ Comedy
  • Country: Philippines
  • Language: Filipino
  • Director: Dan Villegas

Exes Baggage cast

  • Angelica Panganiban
  • Carlo Aquino

Startattle.com – Exes Baggage 2018 movie.

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