Jackie Chan, ‘Project X’ crew rescued from mudslide in China

Movie legend Jackie Chan and members of his crew were caught in a massive mudslide but they were luckily rescued and are now safe.

by Jessie Mendoza

Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan (64 years old) and the crew of his new movie, ‘Project X’, were safely rescued from a mudslide in China last week.

Jackie Chan is known for “Jackie Chan’s Who Am I?” (1998), Rush Hour (1998), Rush Hour 2 (2001), Shanghai Noon (2000) and many more.

They were at the shooting location when suddenly the weather changed. Jackie and his movie crew were caught in a massive mudslide which was triggered by flooding. All of these was reported on Jackie Chan’s own blog.

WWE legend John Cena is also a part of the $80 million ‘Project X’ movie.

jackie chan mudslide project x shooting location china flood rescue english


Today, we started shooting on location. The weather suddenly changed and our crew were caught in a massive mudslide! A few of our production trucks were stuck in the river of rushing mud. Many of the crew became frightened because it was so sudden. Luckily, some large hook trucks come to our rescue and helped tow our production trucks to safety.

jackie chan new movie 2018 latest news mudsilde flooding china shooting bts rescue project x john cena

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all the people who came to help us. And also “sorry” to all the crew members who were frightened by the mudslide. Our production team will learn from this experience; be more alert to the weather conditions, do our best to protect our crew members and ensure that working conditions are absolutely safe. Thanks to everyone for your hard work!

jackie chan rescue aid operation trucks mudslide flooding john cena wwe hongkong china actor hollywood

Source: Jackiechan.com

Jackie Chan even notified his followers on Instagram that they encountered a flash mudslide but they’re safe and okay.

Jackie Chan @jackiechan:

Encountered a flash mudslide on location! We’re safe and okay! One of our trucks was not so lucky…

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