KC Concepcion dating Pierre Emmanuel Plassart (mon coeur, latest pictures)

See the latest pictures of KC Concepcion dating Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart.

by Jessie Mendoza

Filipina actress-singer and humanitarian KC Concepcion (age 33) is very happy these days with her french boyfriend, Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart (age 36), a photographer and filmmaker.

KC Concepcion french boyfriend:

Although KC Concepcion has not openly confirmed that Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart is her new boyfriend, one only has to look at KC Concepcion’s Instagram photos to know that there’s no other man in her life at the moment except Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart.

KC Concepcion is in Paris now to be with Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart in celebration of his birthday on August 29, 2018.

In her most recent Instagram post, KC Concepcion shared a very sweet photo of her and Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart hugging tightly.

Pierre-Emmanuel can be seen kissing KC Concepcion on the cheek.

KC Concepcion described in the caption that Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart is every bit of a gentleman and makes her feel like a lady. He pours bottles of water or wine for her, opens doors for her and is very gentle and loving and “respects all that I am”.

KC Concepcion concludes that with Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart’s qualities, “chivalry is not dead“.

Judging from how KC Concepcion described Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart, isn’t it obvious that she is in love with him?

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Happy Birthday to the truest gentleman I know. He taught me how to be a lady and allow a man to pour the bottles of water or wine, he eats after I take my first bite, he still kindly opens doors, speaks gently, argues fair, is wildly affectionate and respects all that I am. Chivalry is not dead!

Thank you for flying me over and having me here in Paris with you for this special day, I appreciate you and all you do, in every language we speak together!

– Kristina. (@itskcconcepcion) on Instagram

Meanwhile, Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart also posted a sweet photo of him and KC Concepcion.

But whereas KC Concepcion was verbose in her description, Pierre-Emmanuel has only two words in his caption: Mon Cœur (mon coeur). In English that literally means “my heart”, but it can also be translated as “sweetheart.”

mon coeur meaning chivalry meaning

Mon Cœur. (mon coeur)

– Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart (@peplassart) on Instagram

KC Concepcion dating Pierre Emmanuel Plassart in various places, especially in Paris and the US have been making a lot of fans eager for their every update.

Here are some more of their recent photos and screeshots of their Instagram stories that have been making the rounds online.

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KC Concepcion and Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart love story

The love story of KC Concepcion and Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart started way back when they first met at a gala dinner for ex-President Bill Clinton’s foundation in October 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart followed KC Concepcion back to the Philippines and courted her in 2012. They had a brief romance which ended in February of 2013.

KC Concepcion admitted to the press back then that she needed some space from Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart because she wasn’t ready for a serious relationship.

Then KC Concepcion and Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart started dating again around July, 2018.

Prior to that, KC Concepcion had confirmed to the press around March 2018, that her almost 2-year relationship with American-Filipino footballer Aly Borromeo has ended.

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