Bagyong Bheverlynn (Movie 2018)

Bagyong Bheverlynn (2018) is Rufa Mae Quinto's new rom-com movie.

October 19, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

Filipina actress and comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto (age 40) has a new romantic-comedy movie coming out this October 2018. It’s called ‘Bagyong Bheverlynn’ (Typhoon Bheverlynn).

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‘Bagyong Bheverlynn’ is one of the 9 selected independent films to participate in the 14th anniversary of ‘Cinema One Originals Film Festival’.

List of 9 films in Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2018

Paglisan (Animation and musical)
Palibhasa Babae (Drama)
Hospicio (Horror)
A Short History of a Few Bad Things (Crime)
Asuang (Fantasy comedy)
Double Twisting Double Jack
Mamu; And a Mother Too (About LGBT community)
Fisting (Never Tear Us Apart)
Bagyong Bheverlynn (Romantic-comedy)

The movies included in the Philippine independent film festival, ‘Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2018’, will be shown from October 12 to 21, 2018 in selected cinemas including TriNoma, Glorietta, Gateway, and Power Plant.

Cinema One Originals is held annually in the month of November in Quezon City, Philippines.

Source: Philippine Primer

Bagyong Bheverlynn (2018) Teaser

Rufa Mae Quinto is back!

Watch out for ‘Bagyong Bheverlynn’ this October 12 to 21, 2018 at the Cinema One Originals Festival 2018.

Written and directed by Bebs Sabellano Gohetia.

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