Rufa Mae Quinto reacts to her impersonators, gives tips on how to mimic her

Watch the latest vlog of actress and comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto as she reacts to her impersonators and gives them valuable tips.

August 22, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

Actress and comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto rocks YouTube again with her latest vlog on her fast-rising YouTube channel.

This time around, Rufa Mae Quinto (age 40) reacts to those who impersonate her.

With her baby Athena Alexandria Quinto Magallanes by her side, Rufa Mae enjoyed watching “Babaeng Kambing” and Reyna Bismar on Facebook, as they tried to mimic her voice. She remarked how their voices sounded quite like hers.

Rufa Mae laughed hard when Suklay Diva Katrina Velarde, was shown singing Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” ala Rufa Mae Quinto style.

But she laughed the most with KZ Tandingan‘s impersonation of her while singing “Mahal ko o Mahal Ako” and “Booba”. As KZ Tandingan did her version of Rufa Mae, the comedienne said, “Alam mo, pangtanggal bagot talaga ako.” (You know, I’m really a boredom reliever.)

Rufa Mae Quinto added about KZ Tandingan’s mimicry, “Nakakatuwa kasi madibdiban nyang kinanta yung kanta ko… Ay, kanta nya pala yun!” (It’s funny because she seriously sang my song…Oh, it was her song!)

Asked what her tips are for people who try to impersonate her, Rufa Mae Quinto said they should be happy and energetic.

Rufa Mae Quinto said she always acts and speaks that way because she always feels sleepy and have to find ways to wake herself up -“…ginigising ko sarili ko, kaya mahilig ako sa mga woooohhhhh! Yessss!” (I wake myself up, that’s why I like to say a lot of woooohhhhh! Yessss!).

Rufa Mae added that she also talks that way to avoid boredom and so that others listening to her may not also get bored.

Energy, according to Rufa Mae Quinto, is needed for a workout-like way of speaking. She said, “Use your left, right, up, down, all around, ganun (like that)! Pag sinabing “Woooohhh!” , isama ninyo na pati paa! (When you say “Wooooohhhhh”, include your feet!)

Rufa Mae Quinto’s second tip for impersonators: Just be calm and sweet. After being energetic, be calm. (Rufa funnily picked her teeth in the middle of her talk.) She continued, “Kailangan smooth ang delivery… Para smooth.” (The delivery should be smooth…so it would be smooth).

The comedienne Rufa Mae said that in the past, she found it hard to memorize her lines. She moved her body a lot before she can remember the words . That’s how she started, and somehow, that style clicked.

Rufa Mae Quinto suddenly concluded the story with ” basta ganun, ganun nangyare… tapos na!” (That’s it, that’s how it happened…The End!)

After thanking her impersonators, Rufa Mae Quinto told them to have more “movement”, and then she raised her arm again in that signature Rufa Mae “Woooohhhh” move.

You have to watch the whole video because Rufa Mae Quinto’s charm is beyond words (we’re sure her husband, Trevor Magallanes (age 31) agrees).

Rufa Mae Quinto’s signature moves, antics, and quirks are a visual feast for anyone who wants a good laugh.

Rufa Mae Quinto Reacts to Impersonators (ft. Athena)

Ito na guysh, magre-react na ako sa mga gumagaya sa boses ko at sa da-moves ko. In fairness, tinodo talaga nila ang panggagaya sa akin. To my impersonators, this is for you. I, thank you!

(Here it is guys, I will react to those who are copying my voice and my moves. In fairness, they really gave their all in imitating me. To my impersonators, this if for you. I , thank you!)

Source: Rufa Mae Quinto on YouTube

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