Rufa Mae Quinto talks about climate change, algebra & planets

Watch Rufa Mae Quinto as she gives her funny answers to questions about climate change, algebra and the planets and many more.

August 12, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

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In a new video uploaded on Rufa Mae Quinto‘s official YouTube channel, actress-comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto (age 40) answered a lot of questions including topics like climate change, algebra, and the planets in the Solar System.

Unli Questions with Rufa Mae Quinto

Yesss! Finally, masasagot ko na ang mahahalagang tanong ng taong bayan! Watch my 2nd vlog – “Unli Questions” with me, Rufa Mae! Ang smart ng answers ko guysh! To the highest level. (Finally, I can answer important questions from the public..My answers are smart, guys!)

Source: Rufa Mae Quinto on YouTube

Define love?

Love is contagious, sweet and sour.

Who is the sexiest guy for you?

Si Piolo, ahhh…sa showbiz ba ‘to or in overall? [Overall] My husband.

Piolo, ahh…in showbiz or in overall? My husband.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food? Filipino food…Kanin (Rice)

What can you say about climate change?

Ah… ano yun? From summer to rainy season? O yung winter, spring, summer or fall? Ano ba ang climate change? [Sobrang mainit na po tapos sobrang baha] Ganun na ba ang weather? Ang masasabi ko dun, eh siyempre bakit global warning? Hindi, warming. Global warming. Ano ba talaga, N or M?

Ahh…what’s that? From summer to rainy season? Or is that winter, spring, summer or fall? What is climate change? [It is too hot and there is too much flood] Is that really how the weather is? What I can say to that is, of course, why global warning ? No, warming. Global warming. What is it really, N or M?

What is algebra?

Algebra is minus, plus, equals negative, positive. Yan (That’s it).

Can you name 8 planets?

Mars, Venus, Saturn, Eath, Pluto. May Pluto ba? Ano yun, sino yun, ano yung Pluto? [Wala na. Alis na po yun] Naalis siya? Ulit, ulit. Mars, Venus, Saturn, Earth. Ba’t siya inaalis?

Mars, Venus, Saturn, Earth, Pluto. Is there Pluto? What’s that, who’s that, what is Pluto? [No more. They have removed it.] It was removed? Again, again. Mars, Venus, Saturn, Earth. Why was it removed?

If you were to be part of the cast of “Ang Probinsyano”, what will be your role?

Probinsyana. Taga province.

Countrywoman. One who comes from the province.

What do you think, when will “Ang Probinsyano” end?

Tingin ko matapos siya pag ka lumabas na yun Probinsyana. Charot! Hindi, hindi ko alam. Sa tingin ko, ewan ko, mukhang hindi matatapos.

I think it will end when “Ang Probinsyana” comes out. Whatever! No, I don’t know. In my view, I don’t know, it looks like it wouldn’t end.

Do you know what the biggest star is?

Star… mall? Star mall. Ano ba? Meron ba? Ano? [Sun] Star ba ang Sun? Favorite ko kaya ang star.

Star…Mall? Star Mall. What is it really? Is there something like that? What? [Sun] Is the sun a star? The star is my favorite.

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