TNT Boys sing ‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls on Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018

Watch the performance of powerful balladeers TNT Boys singing "Nobody", a song performed by K-pop girl group Wonder Girls.

September 30, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

TNT Boys sang ‘Nobody by South Korean girl group, Wonder Girls, on the singing and impersonation competition for celebrity kids called ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids’.

TNT Boys is a Filipino vocal group composed of powerful belters Keifer Sanchez (age 13), Mackie Empuerto (age 12) and Francis Concepcion (age 11).

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Check out the the comments from the judges:

Singer-composer Ogie Alcasid:

TNT Boys, you’re so cute. You’re too much. I don’t want to comment anymore on your performance because it’s great. I just want to say that I’m not wondering why our program is being watched by a lot of people. It’s because of all of you [other contestants], especially the three of you. It’s incredible. You’re such a blessing. When I watch you, wow, you’re charming. I’m so glad about you. That was excellent. Congratulations.

Singer-composer Gary Valenciano:

I want to ask you all [audience], okay? Yes or No. When they [TNT Boys] come out on stage, is it impressive what they’re doing? Is it amazing what they’re doing? Is it exciting what they’re doing? Those are just three words. I’ve also added here [his notes]: entertaining, moving, funny. And I think, as weeks go by, there’ll be a lot more words we’ll all use to describe how you entertain all of us. TNT Boys, good job.

Actress and singer Sharon Cuneta:

You know, if they have to perform fiercely, like ‘Lady Marmalade‘, right? They look like as if they’re really like that. Now, they’re in character because those are period costumes and the Wonder Girls perform in a ladylike manner. So, I don’t have anything more to say, my children. You know how much I love you, right? You’re good, good, good. Thank you, my babies.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018: TNT Boys as Wonder Girls | Nobody

Source: Your Face Sounds Familiar on YouTube

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