TNT Boys sing ‘Earth, Wind, & Fire’ medley on YFSF Kids 2018 special

Watch the YSFS Kids 2018 winner TNT Boys sing 'Earth, Wind, & Fire' medley.

September 30, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

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‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018’ Season 2, a singing and impersonation competition for celebrities, has just finished. The show’s finale was held on August 19, 2018.

But the show doesn’t end there.

There was The All-Star Reunion Special on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018’ and TNT Boys performed a medley of ‘Earth, Wind, & Fire’ songs.

TNT Boys is a Filipino vocal group composed of powerful belters Keifer Sanchez (age 13), Mackie Empuerto (age 12) and Francis Concepcion (age 11). They were heralded as the grand winner of the show.

The winning song of TNT Boys was ‘Bang Bang’ by English singer-songwriter Jessie J (age 30), Trinidadian-American rapper-songwriter Nicki Minaj (age 35) featuring American singer Ariana Grande (age 25).

Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018: TNT Boys as Earth, Wind, & Fire | Earth, Wind, & Fire Medley

Source: Your Face Sounds Familiar on YouTube

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