Watch Rufa Mae Quinto’s “Bagyong Bheverlynn” movie set tour

Rufa Mae Quinto shared a movie set tour of her latest movie 'Bagyong Bheverlynn'.

September 8, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

Filipina actress and comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto (age 40) showcased the movie set of her new romantic-comedy movie called ‘Bagyong Bheverlynn‘ (Typhoon Bheverlynn). Written and directed by Bebs Sabellano Gohetia.

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Rufa Mae Quinto toured the movie set and since it was the first day of shooting, she introduced some of the crew members working there who, according to her, she hasn’t come to know yet.

Her love interest in the ‘Bagyong Bheverlynn’ movie is the Prince of Philippine Independent Films, Edgar Allan Guzman, who plays the role of Bradley Segovia Gutierrrez.

Edgar Allan Guzman played as Rufa Mae’s brother in her own 2013 action-horror comedy movie ‘Ang Huling Henya‘ (The Last Genius).

When Rufa Mae was asked what she does during break time, her funny answer was:

If it’s break time, nothing. It’s a break, isn’t it? We need to “have a break.”

‘Bagyong Bheverlynn’ movie is one of the nine (9) chosen films to participate in the ‘Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2018’.

The celebration of the festival’s 14 anniversary will be from October 12 to 21, 2018.

The ‘Cinema One Originals Film Festival‘ is an independent film festival in the Philippines held annually in the month of November in Quezon City. Its primary goal is to showcase the Filipino film makers.

What: Cinema One Originals Festival 2018
Where: Selected Cinemas (TriNoma, Glorietta, Gateway, and Power Plant among others)
When: October 12 to 21, 2018

Source: Philippine Primer

Bagyong Bheverlynn Todo Na TOUR!

Guysh, ‘Bagyong Bheverlynn’ will be showing soon so let me tour you on the set of my new movie. Watch the behind-the-scenes and get to know the people behind the camera. Welcome to “Todo na Tour”!

Source: Rufa Mae Quinto on YouTube

Rufa Mae Quinto (@rufamaequinto) on Instagram:

Hi mga Bhe. I’m bheverlynn!!! My very first day shooting of #bagyongbheverlynn. Directed by: @bebsisms. This October 2018! The movie for all season.. mega movie blockbusters of all time… top grossing. Box office hits!!! Tong hit’s.

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