Will Kris Aquino run for public office in 2022 or 2025?

Kris Aquino hints of running for public office in a reply to an Instagram follower.

September 28, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

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After posting a scorching reply to a basher on her recent Instagram post about “Crazy Rich Asians“, Philippine Queen of All Media Kris Aquino answered commenters who applauded her answer.

In the conversation thread that followed, a fan with username @buitizonmariasalome [Mariasalome Buitizon] wrote:

@krisaquino [Kris Aquino] We love you Ms. Kris and your parents. Your fight is our fight too. Handa kaming ipaglaban ang anumang laban mo kahit umabot pa sa balota.

We love you Ms. Kris and your parents. Your fight is our fight too. We are ready to fight for any fight you may have, even if it reaches up to the ballot.

Kris Aquino replied with very few words only:

@buitizonmariasalome 2022 or 2025 okay?

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Source: Kris Aquino (@krisaquino) on Instagram

After her reply as to when it will be okay for her to run for public office, one commenter pleaded if it could be possible for Kris Aquino to run for public office the soonest, 2019.

Some already volunteered to campaign for Kris Aquino, while others assured her of their votes.

It’s not the first time that Kris Aquino hinted at the possibility of her running for public office, more specifically for the Senate.

Hounded by some bashers and haters on social media, Kris Aquino is sometimes challenged to prove them wrong by hinting she will run for public office, where she thinks she has a big chance of winning.

Her cousin, incumbent Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino said that Kris Aquino will win if she runs for Senator in the 2019 polls.

But Kris Aquino said she is not ready yet, owing to clauses in her various contracts with companies in the Philippines and in other countries like Thailand, Korea, and Indonesia.

Kris Aquino said in an Instagram post dated June 13, that her commitments with the companies “specifically state that I won’t seek any elective post in 2019 and I will refrain from any divisive political statements except when defending honor and dignity of family.”

Some of her deals with the companies extend up to 2020.

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So when Kris Aquino says, 2022 or 2025, does that mean she would be free of commitments and ready to run for public office by then?

That we will just have to wait and see. Knowing how straightforward and open Kris Aquino is, she will never keep such an important decision in her career a secret.

Kris Aquino plays the role of a snobbish Malay royalty named Princess Intan in the current blockbuster romantic comedy movie, “Crazy Rich Asians” (2018).

The movie has earned PHP 110 million in 7 days in the Philippines and now holds the record for “Biggest Opening Week for a Warner Brothers Film for 2018” and the “Biggest All Time Opening Weekend for a Foreign/English RomCom“.

Aside from being an actress, Kris Aquino is also a producer, vlogger, endorser, and a successful entrepreneur.

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