Abay Babes (Movie 2018)

Abay Babes (2018) starring Cristine Reyes, Kylie Versoza, Roxanne Barcelo, Nathalie Hart and Meg Imperial.

October 19, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

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Abay Girls‘ is an upcoming sexy but funny Philippine movie.

The movie is about a group of five women competing with each other as to who will get married first. One of them will get married first so rest will be bridesmaids.

Abay Babes trailer 2018

Best friends forever or worst friends ever?

Many years after high school, Emerald, Ruby, Perla, and Goldie (considered the Bicol “It Girls” of their batch) are reunited for the latter’s upcoming wedding.

Joining them is Jade, Goldie’s friend from America. Everyone is excited about this get-together, but somehow, Goldie’s friends are finding it hard to believe that she is going to be the first to fulfill their dream of getting married, considering that she is the least attractive among them.

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Release details

Release date : September 19, 2018
Country : Philippines
Language : Filipino
Director : Don Cuaresma
Writer : Don Cuaresma
Production : Viva Films


– Cristine Reyes
– Kylie Verzosa
– Roxanne Barcelo
– Nathalie Hart
– Meg Imperial

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