‘Abay Babes’ theme song by Ex Battalion (SingSing)

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‘Abay Babes’ (2018) official theme song ‘SingSing’ by Ex Battalion.

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Here’s Abay Babes theme song ‘SingSing’ by Ex Battalion (aka Ex B), a Filipino hip hop group known for the hit singles Hayaan Mo Sila and No Games.

Abay Girls (2018) is an upcoming sexy but funny Philippine movie. It has a schedule release date of September 19, 2018.

SingSing by Ex Battalion (Abay Babes movie theme song)

Ex Battalion – SingSing The Official Theme Song of Abay Babes. Starring Christine Reyes, Natalie Hart, Kylie Versoza, Meg Imperial and Roxanne Barcelo.

Showing on September 19, 2018. Produced by Cojiemack Beats. [ref: Ex Battalion Music]

Abay Babes trailer (2018)

Many years after high school, Emerald, Ruby, Perla, and Goldie (considered the Bicol “It Girls” of their batch) are reunited for the latter’s upcoming wedding.

Joining them is Jade, Goldie’s friend from America. Everyone is excited about this get-together, but somehow, Goldie’s friends are finding it hard to believe that she is going to be the first to fulfill their dream of getting married, considering that she is the least attractive among them.

Catch the sexiest comedy film of the year! Opens September 19, 2018 in cinemas nationwide! [ref: Viva Ent]

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