America’s Got Talent: AGT Season 13 finale results (2018)

AGT (2018) winners for season 13 finale results.

September 30, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

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Close-up Magician Shin Lim (age 26) is America’s Got Talent 2018 winner. Second place went to the acrobatic group Zurcaroh.

Shin Lim won the USD 1 million prize money in the talent show competition, ‘America’s Got Talent‘ (AGT) 2018 (Season 13).

Born in Canada, Shin Lim currently lives in Acton, Massachusetts.

Shin Lim performed a mind-blowing card trick with AGT host Tyra Banks and American Ninja Warrior co-hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila and Matt Iseman.

Aside from his $1 million prize, Shin Lim will be headlining a show at the Paris Theater at Paris Las Vegas on November 2 to 4, 2018.

Results for ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2018 (Season 13) were announced on September 20, 2019.


Shin Lim won AGT 2018, watch final performance
Magician Shin Lim Crowned Season 13 Champion of America’s Got Talent.
AGT Top 5 (2018): Zurcaroh final performance
Zurcaroh is 2nd place on America’s Got Talent Season 13.

AGT Top 5: America’s Got Talent 2018 Finale results

  • Winner : Shin Lim (close-up magician)
  • 2nd place : Zurcaroh (acrobatics group)
  • 3rd place : Brian King Joseph (Electric Violinist)
  • 4th place : Samuel J. Comroe (stand-up comedian)
  • 5th place : Michael Ketterer (singer)

AGT finalists who did not land in the top 5

  • Vicki Barbolak : (stand-up comedienne)
  • Daniel Emmet : (opera Singer)
  • Glennis Grace : (singer)
  • Courtney Hadwin : (singer)
  • Duo Transcend : (trapeze Duo)

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