KC Concepcion joins Sharon Cuneta concert rehearsal

KC Concepcion joins Sharon Cuneta at rehearsal for Sharon's anniversary concert.

September 25, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

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Filipina actress and TV host KC Concepcion (age 33) will join her mother, actress and singer Sharon Cuneta (age 52) at the ‘Sharon: My 40 Years‘ anniversary concert at the Araneta Coliseum on September 28, 2018.

KC Concepcion shared a series of videos on her Instagram stories during their rehearsal.

Later on, Sharon also whisked out her phone to tell her side of the story about their rehearsal on her own Instagram account.

The videos of Sharon Cuneta and KC Concepcion together were funny and cute at the same time.

The IG stories captured the closeness of Sharon and KC, and showed how much alike they are in their manners and in their sweet gestures.

In the midst of the mother-daughter conversation of Sharon Cuneta and KC Concepcion, the love and respect that they have for each other can clearly be seen.

What KC Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta revealed about the concert

KC and Sharon revealed that they will have a duet during the ‘Sharon : My 40 Years’ anniversary concert.

With puffy eyes, Sharon Cuneta said she cried when she and KC rehearsed the song. Sharon remembered singing it for KC Concepcion in a 1993 concert, when KC was just 7 years old.

Now they have turned the song into a duet. This time, it was arranged in such a way that KC Concepcion will sing some of the lines to Sharon Cuneta.

The duet must be very touching, that even KC Concepcion’s sister , Miel, cried while watching Sharon and KC rehearse the song.

KC later revealed the title of her duet with her mom. It’s ‘If I Could‘, written by Ken Hirsch, Ron Miller, and Marti Sharron.

Sharon Cuneta singing ‘If I Could’ for 7-year old KC Concepcion

[ref: Winston71]

The KC Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta duet of ‘If I Could’ segues into an instrumental rendition of ‘Dear Heart‘, the theme song from Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion‘s first movie of the same title.

That instrumental part made Sharon Cuneta cry all the more during rehearsal. She even pinned the blame on composer and arranger, Louie Ocampo, for her tears.

But Sharon said that without ‘Dear Heart’, KC Concepcion wouldn’t have been born.

Sharon Cuneta warned that her whole 40th anniversary concert is all ‘hugot’ (sentimental lines). There will be 18 songs or numbers but about half of them are medleys.

To wrap up her Instagram Stories about their rehearsal for the concert, KC Concepcion told her sister Miel, that it’s scary to sing with her mother Sharon, because she is really good.

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