Rufa Mae Quinto ft. Piolo Pascual: No love life vs long-distance relationship

Watch Rufa Mae Quinto (aka Dra. Mae) as she gives love advice about long-distance relationship or no love life at all.

September 2, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

Filipina actress and comedian Rufa Mae Quinto (age 40) has new video on her YouTube channel. This time, she tackles love life issues.

She featured her celebrity crush, Filipino actor Piolo Pascual (age 41). She also asked the opinions of her cousin, and her funny make-up artist.

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The inspiration for her new vlog topic was somebody’s message to her complaining about how hard long-distance relationship is.

Rufa Mae Quinto told her/him that it’s really hard at first.

In Rufa Mae’s case, it took her and her husband Trevor Magallanes a year to be comfortable with their long-distance relationship status. She added that adjusting with the situation is key, as well.

Also, you have to be together first before you decide to have a long-distance relationship. There should be a solid foundation and trust.

Long-distance relationship or no love life at all?

Rufa Mae said her YouTube channel is becoming a dating site now and that it will beat Tinder.

As part of her stand of being open to the idea of a long-distance relationship, Rufa Mae Quinto showed her husband’s gift to her, a Gucci bag. She said the bag is the reward for her sacrifices for being away from her husband.

Her advice is to bear with the situation, go with the flow, pray and come what may… “Rufa Mae.”

Piolo Pascual’s opinion about long-distance relationship

Rufa Mae Quinto visited Piolo Pascual in his dressing room at Home Sweetie Home, a situational comedy on ABS-CBN aired every Saturday.

Piolo Pascual’s opinion about long-distance relationship is it depends on the situation. Someone has to make a sacrifice, whoever between the two people in a relationship can adjust should do so according to their lifestyle.

Rufa Mae Quinto agreed with Piolo Pascual and said they think alike.

For love to stay alive, Piolo stated:

Respect, trust, honesty, openness like you’re open with criticisms, you’re open with arguments to be able to fix things up, learn to be humble and giving and don’t let love fade away. Because what’s the use of staying if there’s no love.

Rufa Mae ended her love advice video with this:

Love should be number 1 because if not, how can it be called a “love life”? It’ll just be “life”.

Watch Dr. Rufa “Love” Quinto gives Love Advice ft. Piolo Pascual

Let’s talk about love and matters of the heart, guysh. Let me Dra. Rufa Love Quinto or Dra. Mae for short, advise you if you should do a long-distance relationship (LDR) or just no love life at all?

Featuring Papa P [Piolo Pascual] because “I love team myself!”

I also asked advice from my friends. So, what are you waiting for? Love me like you do, luh, luh, luh love me like you doooo. [ref: Rufa Mae Quinto]

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