Aswang (2011 movie)

Aswang (2011) starring Lovi Poe, Paulo Avelino.

by Jessie Mendoza

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This is a remake of the 1992 Aswang (shapeshifting monster) film starring Alma Moreno.

In this version two kids witness the murder of their parents and escape unwittingly into a town plagued by a subspecies of aswang’s called Abwak.

Terrorized by the monster and assassins running after them, the kids are helped by a mysterious woman who is part of the Abwak clan.

  • Starring : Lovi Poe / Paulo Avelino
  • Genre : Action / Fantasy / Horror / Romance / Thriller
  • Country : Philippines
  • Language : Filipino / Tagalog / English
  • Director : Jerrold Tarog
  • Production : Regal Films
  • Distributor : Regal Films

Aswang movie

Aswang release date

  • November 2, 2011 : Philippines

Aswang cast

  • Lovi Poe as Hasmin
  • Paulo Avelino as Daniel
  • Albie Casiño as Gabriel
  • Jillian Ward as Ahnia
  • Marc Abaya as Gido
  • Niña Jose as Queenie
  • Gigi Escalante as Old Guada
  • Joem Bascon as Efren
  • Precious Lara Quigaman as Stella(as Lara Quigaman)
  • Anna Vicente as Isabel(as Ana Vicente)
  • Bembol Roco as Moises
  • Nonie Buencamino as Eddie
  • Rolando Inocencio as Mang Carding(as Roli Inocencio)
  • Ryan Idica as Bong(as Ryan Capil Idica)
  • Paul D. Villamor as Frankie Allan

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