‘Exes Baggage’ earnings: P270 million as of October 9, 2018

'Exes Baggage' earns over P270 million as of October 9, 2018.

by Jessie Mendoza

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The box office gross of romantic comedy-drama movie “Exes Baggage” has reached more than PHP 270 million worldwide, as of 3:00 PM of October 9, 2018.

“Exes Baggage” stars real-life exes Angelica Panganiban (age 31) and Carlo Aquino (age 33), and is directed by Dan Villegas.

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Graded “B” by the Cinema Evaluation Board, “Exes Baggage” was released in the Philippines on September 26, 2018.

“Exes Baggage” is still showing in the Philippines and in selected theaters worldwide.

The movie started its international screening on October 4, 2018.

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