Himig Handog 2018: ‘Kababata’ by Kyla, Kritiko (lyric video)

Himig Handog 2018: 'Kababata' by Kyla, and Kritiko.

by Jessie Mendoza

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“Kababata” is included in the Top 10 finalists of Himig Handog 2018, interpreted by Filipino singer Kyla (age 37), and Filipino rapper Kritiko (real name: John Michael Edixon).

Himig Handog is a multimedia songwriting and music video competition in the Philippines. It is operated by ABS-CBN and Star Music. The theme of Himig Handog is love songs.

  • Song : Kababata
  • Composer : John Michael Edixon (aka Kritiko)
  • Interpreter : Kyla / Kritiko

[ref: ABS-CBN Starmusic]

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