‘The Hows of Us’ book now available for pre-selling

'The Hows of Us' book, now available.

October 6, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

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The Philippines’ highest-grossing film of all-time, “The Hows of Us“, now has a book version written by Charmaine Lasar.

“The Hows of Us: The Novel” is based on the blockbuster film which starred actor and singer Daniel Padilla (age 23) and actress and singer Kathryn Bernardo (age 22).

Fans of “The Hows of Us” movie will now have the chance to own a piece of Philippine film history, with the love story of Primo (Daniel Padilla) and George (Kathryn Bernardo) immortalized in a beautiful hard-bound book at only PHP 195.00 (USD 3.60 at current exchange rates) a copy.

As announced by Star Cinema on October 5, 2018 on social media, “The Hows of Us: The Novel” is now available for pre-selling on the National Book Store website.

kathryn bernardo daniel padilla the hows of us the novel

“The Hows of Us” movie, earnings

“The Hows of Us” movie was released in Philippine cinemas on August 29, 2018 and earned PHP 35 million on its first day of screening.

On its third day, “The Hows of Us” jumped to PHP 116 million. On its 6th day of screening, its domestic gross climbed to PHP 318 million.

Then on September 17, 2018 at 5:00 PM (GMT+8), “The Hows of Us” (2018), became the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time, with its domestic gross reaching PHP 601,152,867. As of September 12, 2018, overseas earnings had already reached a total of USD 1 million or PHP 53 million.

Now on its 6th week, “The Hows of Us” continues to pile up on its earnings.

As of September 26, the film has earned about PHP 650 million domestic gross and USD 2.3 million overseas, according to ABS-CBN’s Star Studio. That comes up to a total gross of almost PHP 775 million.

The movie “The Hows of Us” is still showing in select Metro Manila and provincial theaters in the Philippines. It is also being shown in several theaters overseas.

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