Janella Salvador confirmed Elmo Magalona assaulted her

Janella Salvador says Elmo Magalona assaulted her.

by Jessie Mendoza

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In an exclusive tell-all interview with Ricky Lo of Philstar, Janella Salvador confirmed the rumor that Elmo Magalona assaulted her.

The rumor and speculations started about a month ago, especially when a video posted on Julia Barretto’s Instagram Stories circulated online. It shows Janella Salvador’s bruises on her arms.

ELNELLA UPDATES @jeamoe_3027
September 15, 2018

From: @juliabarretto IGS
Chef Janella ?
#ElmoMagalona #JanellaSalvador #Elnella

Shortly thereafter, Janella Salvador reconciled with her mom, Jenine Desiderio.

Janella told Ricky Lo that what caused the bruises in her arms and legs was not an accident.

Janella said the “incident” happened when she and Elmo had an argument after a party. They both had drinks and Elmo had one too many. She admitted she slapped Elmo to fight back.

The sad thing is, it was not the first time it happened.

Janella told Ricky Lo, “The first time happened months earlier. He claimed that he didn’t remember what he did, maybe because he had a drink, and he asked for forgiveness and I gave him a chance.”

Here’s the video posted by Ricky Lo, an excerpt from his exclusive interview with Janella Salvador:

Ricky Lo @therealrickylo
October 22, 2018

#herside…Let’s hear it from Janella Salvador. 10/22/2018.

ElNella no more

Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona are collectively known as the love team ElNella. They had a TV series (“Born for You”) and movies together (“Bloody Crayons”, “My Fairy Tail Love Story”).

During that time, Janella and Elmo were also exclusively dating.

Star Magic, their talent management company, has deemed it fit that after the incident, Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona would have separate projects.

Janella revealed that Elmo is seeing a psychiatrist now and she supports his move. She, on the other hand, was told by her psychiatrist that she’s “feeling well”, but Janella resumed her sessions just the same.

Why Janella broke her silence

The online buzz about the incident with Elmo has been going on for a month. While Janella kept quiet, her mom Jenine Desiderio was actively defending her daughter from others who were bashing her.

Janella finally broke her silence not to shame Elmo Magalona but because she wants “to stop the lies” being posted against her by “the other camp”.

Janella wants to set things straight. “I just want to correct the lies being spread against me and my mom and to let the truth out,” she told Ricky.

She said that for the past two years she focused on Elmo and herself. But this time around, she will be giving more attention to herself. “He hurt me and I cannot, can never tolerate that.”

Does she still love Elmo?

Janella never denied having said she loves Elmo. And she admits love does not fade that easily.

Ref: Ricky Lo via The Philippine Star

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