Oddbods: ‘Party Monsters’ Full Episode (2018 TV Series)

Watch the full episode of Oddbods - Party Monsters (Halloween cartoon for kids).

by Jessie Mendoza

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Jeff has hired Marv “the most marvelous” Magician to inject some magic into his spooky-themed costume party.

The magician’s act endures total disaster at the party so he bitterly unleashes a powerful spell – cursing everyone in the room to become their costumed alter egos!

With werewolf attacks, flying witches and a ketchup obsessed vampire causing chaos, Slick – wearing a Sherlock Holmes costume for the occasion – must use all his detective skills to find the disgruntled magician and break the spell so he can save Oddsville from his friends!

Oddbods | PARTY MONSTERS – Full Episode | Halloween Cartoons For Kids

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