Christian Bautista wedding in Bali with Kat Ramnani, photos, videos

Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani get married in Bali. Check out some photos and videos of their wedding.

by Jessie Mendoza

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Singer and actor Christian Bautista (age 37) and Globe Telecom company executive Kat Ramnani (age 34), got married at the Luhur Chapel, Tirtha Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia on November 17, 2018.

The couple were joined by their friends, who mostly came all the way from the Philippines to attend their wedding.

christian bautista and kat ramnani kiss

Kat Ramnani wore a gown by Israeli designer Inbal Dror while Christian Bautista wore an emerald green velvet tuxedo by Francis Libiran.

kat ramnani

[photo: pat dy]

christian bautista

[photo: francis perez]

The bride changed into a more relaxed and casual dress designed by Cynthia Tan for her intimate wedding party.

kat ramnani wedding party dress

Celebrities who attended the wedding include singers Sam Concepcion, Eric Santos, and Mark Bautista; actors Carlo Orosa and Audie Gemora, and actress Cris Villonco.

A day before their wedding, Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani treated their guests to a Bollywood-themed party.

Kat’s exotic ancestry (Filipino, American, Irish and Indian) shone through as she and Christian wore traditional Indian attires.

christian bautista kat ramnani bollywood party

[photo: pat dy]

Here are some videos of Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani which were posted by Audie Gemora:

Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani will reportedly have another wedding this coming December in the Philippines.

Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani love story

Christian and Kat met in 2016 and got engaged on October 30, 2017.

In an interview with showbiz columnist Ricky Lo, the couple said they met at an Escape game room at the Breakout Paragon Plaza, in Mandaluyong.

In another exclusive interview, this time with Metro.Style, Kat Ramnani admitted she did not know Christian Bautista was a famous and successful singer when she met him.

It was only when she told her friends that she was dating an “up and coming singer” and showed Christian’s picture to them, that she learned he was a celebrity.

Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani share a common love for traveling and good food. They both love animals, working out, running, and surfing.

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