Diego Loyzaga denies suicide attempt in message to DJ Jhai Ho

Diego Loyzaga tells DJ Jhai Ho he did not attempt suicide.

by Jessie Mendoza

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In the online showbiz talk show, “I Know Right?”, hosted by Roxy Liquigan, DJ Jhai Ho, and MJ Felipe on iwantv.com.ph, the subject of Diego Loyzaga’s alleged suicide attempt was tackled on November 9, 2018.

MJ Felipe said that during the necrological service of the late singer Rico Puno, he received a message from a super reliable source that Diego Loyzaga (age 23) slit his wrist and neck.

He immediately contacted Star Magic about the matter, but Star Magic wasn’t able to reply to his query.

Details of the alleged attempt of Diego Loyzaga to take his life was published in PEP, Manila Times, and other publications online.

DJ Jhai Ho and Diego Loyzaga’s messages

Meanwhile, DJ Jhai Ho started contacting Diego Loyzaga when he learned about the issue.

DJ Jhai Ho is supposedly close to Diego Loyzaga because of the TV series “Pangako Sa ‘Yo”, which starred Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Diego Loyzaga and DJ Jhai Ho were part of the supporting cast of the hit TV series.

dj jhai ho

DJ Jhai Ho said that he sent screenshots as part of his messages to Diego. The screenshots were mostly inspirational quotes on how to pray, and quotes on how to handle pain, stress, and failure and were sent to Diego Loyzaga on November 8, 2018, at past 10 in the morning.

Aside from expressing his support and how much he loves Diego as a friend, Jhai Ho also offered to talk to Diego Loyzaga who replied,”Thank You”, a few minutes after Ho sent the messages.

DJ Jhai Ho messaged that whether the rumors circulating on social media about Diego are true or not, he told Diego:

Huwag na huwag please. Marami ang nagmamahal sayo. Seryoso ito. Hindi sagot yang kung anuman ang ginawa o gagawin mo.

[Never never do it, please. There are many people who love you. This is serious. The answer does not lie in whatever you did or what you are about to do.]

Diego asked DJ Jhai Ho “Ano’ng nakita mo? Saan?” [What did you see? Where?]

Thereupon, DJ Jhai Ho forwarded a copy of an online article about the alleged suicide attempt and asked Diego whether it’s true or not.

Diego Loyzaga then replied, “Hindi yan tutoo, Jhai. Don’t worry, I’m fine.” [That is not true, Jhai.]

Meanwhile a report by Jojo Gabinete of PEP on November 8, 2018 said that it’s confirmed Diego Loyzaga was confined in a hospital, although members of his family had not replied to queries.

A report on philstar.com by showbiz reporter Salve Asis on November 10, 2018, indicates that Diego has been discharged from the hospital and is now in a “private nursing home”.

The report further states that Diego Loyzaga only had minor injuries because of the unfortunate incident, but will have to be healed physically and emotionally before he goes back to work.

Still, there’s no confirmation on the part of Diego Loyzaga’s parents, Theresa Loyzaga and Cesar Montano, about this whole matter.

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