‘Glorious’ movie worldwide streaming date

Check out where and when you can watch "Glorious" movie online.

by Jessie Mendoza

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The much-talked about upcoming movie. “Glorious”, starring Angel Aquino (age 45) and Tony Labrusca (age 23) still continue to excite netizens.

The steamy trailer of the May-December love story, touting the tag line “50 is the new 20”, earned 6 million views in various Facebook pages in 24 hours.

The “Glorious” trailer has earned more than 12.5 million views total, 5 days after its launch on Facebook on November 4.

“Glorious” is the story of a 52-year-old woman named Glory (Angel), who falls in love with Niko (Tony), a young man who is 30 years her junior.

The movie which has set social media ablaze is produced by Dreamscape Digital exclusively for iWant, ABS-CBN’s new streaming service. It is written and directed by Concepcion Macatuno.

“Glorious” will be streaming worldwide on iWant on November 17, 2018. The streaming service iWant can be accessed via iOS or Android app on the same date.

It will also be shown on TFC Online. Register on www.tfc.tv so you can watch this trending upcoming movie of Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca.

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