KC Concepcion, Pierre Plassart date at “secret” waterfalls

KC Concepcion and Pierre Emmanuel Plassart have fun at waterfalls.

by Jessie Mendoza

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Filipina actress and singer KC Concepcion (age 33) posted a photo of her and her French boyfriend, Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart (age 36), in a sweet pose near a small waterfalls.

KC Concepcion and Pierre Plassart seem to be having a good time enjoying their newest escapade.

Here’s KC Concepcion’s complete IG post:

kc concepcion pierre emmanuel plassart date by the waterfalls

Kristina. @itskcconcepcion
November 04, 2018

Surprise trips. Secret waterfalls. Fun times. @peplassart


In her IG stories, KC Concepcion also posted their dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Pasay, together with some of her relatives.

Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart has been in Manila for about a week. He even watched an impromptu performance by KC at the Halloween party of The Aivee Clinic.

KC Concepcion and Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart have been exclusively dating since July, 2018. They first met October 2011 and had a brief relationship in 2012, which cooled off in early 2013.

Now they’re back in each other’s arms and from the looks of it, KC Concepcion and Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart may just end up together for good.

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