KC Concepcion thanks Pierre Plassart for his unconditional love

KC Concepcion is grateful for boyfriend Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart's unconditional love.

by Jessie Mendoza

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It seems like KC Concepcion has finally found her ideal partner.

In her most recent Instagram post, KC Concepcion praised her boyfriend, French fimmaker and businessman Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart.

KC Concepcion thanked Pierre Plassart for his unconditional love, for loving her through her best and through her worst.

She also said that Pierre not judging her makes her want to be the the best version of herself.

KC Concepcion advised her female followers not to be with anyone who makes them feel less than who they are.

Here’s KC Concepcion’s IG post on Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart

kc concepcion pierre plassart unconditional love

Kristina. @itskcconcepcion
November 17, 2018

This guy has seen me through my best & through my worst & loves me just the same. In a world full of shade, bashing & opinions, thank you for the unconditional love! You not judging makes me want to glow up & be the best version of myself – when the results show I promise you’ll get all the credit!

Ladies, don’t be with anyone who makes you feel ugly, fat or less than who you are. Show them to mind their own business & you’ll know something they won’t: What it’s like to be happy from the inside & FEEL YOUR BEST. You are beautiful & you’ll only get better and better.

Almost at the same time that KC Concepcion posted on Instagram, Pierre Plassart also did the same.

He praised KC Concepcion in return, saying that KC Concepcion is a beautiful woman inside and out, who encourages him “to be the best in all circumstances.

It looks like Pierre Plassart plans to be with KC Concepcion for the long haul. He said in his post, “I’m forever grateful for this long road ahead together.”

kc concepcion pierre plassart unconditional love best in me post

Pierre Emmanuel Plassart @peplassart
November 17, 2018

This beautiful woman (inside and out) encourages me to be the best in all circumstances. I’m forever grateful for this long road ahead together.

With both of them bringing out the best in each other, it looks like KC Concepcion and Pierre Plassart are a good match that may just lead to a forever.

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